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    Dedicated Ram

    It is an old old article and obviously leb is no longer hosted on that few ram
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    PayPal Demands That Seafile Monitor Customers Uploaded Files

    What is seafile and what is it known for / what is its reputation? ie is it like aws but for pirates?
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    Best song to date... :)

    lol at 1:40
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    DrawBack in Laravel

    It is originally based on Symfony. I don't really like projects forking instead of just working together. But Symfony like Zend is built for the enterprise (Laravel too since it is a fork). Thus if you need raw performance- you have to look elsewhere. Phalcon (micro) is the framework we used...
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    vpsboard git service

    There is always gitlab
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    Looking for Work

    There is always upwork / odesk and many others online for part time work
  7. V Moderator Meltdown

    How much do you think mpkossen's check is? Probably not my business but just wondering
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    Hetzner Adds 8-core ODROID-XU4 ARM Based Server Line

    Is 2gb ram a limit on those arm based server? What if you need more?
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    [WTS] ★★ Brandable Google Apps Domains ★★

    Any available? Can you pm me the list of available domains?
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    Looking for Work

    Good luck! Hope you find work soon!
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    New Youtube Interface! (2015)

    So the black bar is now translucent.
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    New Youtube Interface! (2015)

    Did it change at all? Don't remember the color before
  13. V Offer 8GB RAM - 1Gbit/S - Phoenix AZ starting @ $28/Year

    Not only 8gb ram- but 8gb guaranteed ram! Looks too good to be true. Any reviews about them?
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    This Forum.......

    I am here for the drama but I am not always online. Will need to catch up :D
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    Frameworks benchmarks (round 10