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    want a VPS 100% DDOS Protected

    BlazingFast uses Voxility as protection, and to my knowledge; BuyVM also uses Voxility. Apparently OP couldn't find any other VPS yet, as his site is still with BlazingFast. Well nothing can guarantee you 100% uptime, all you can do is setting up a reverse proxy and hide your original...
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    How visitors can trust on your hosting business?

    LLC + Premium domain + Custom website design + SSL + Excellent support + Live chat + Public WHOIS + Address and Phone number published on website + Competitive offers + Tutorials + Activity on top hosting forums
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    What is dirrerent beetween Cloud hosting & VPS Hosting?

    Scalability is the main difference. Cloud hosting is a utility where a cloud service vendor provides a virtual machine instance that does not have fixed computing attributes. While there may be a minimum or maximum size configuration for the server, the virtual machine computing configuration...
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    I bought my first VPS from Linode, but never used that for some reasons. I actually started using VPSs after buying them from Ramnode and BuyVM. I bought from both of them at the same time.
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    HOWTO: Stop NTP amplification attacks from reaching your nodes!

    Helpful tutorial, thanks. Is there any way to stop DNS amplification attack? Any tutorial on this, would be highly appreciated.
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    Reviews: Rules and Formatting Guide

    I am curious to know if I can post a direct link to that particular reviewed VPS? not a referral or affiliate link of course.
  7. VPSclub begging to be sued.

    I've gotten a couple of domains from 1and1. Just tried to transfer them, but that namecheap's offer is over. Should I go for namecheap or godaddy or some other registrar? Suggestions please.
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    Introduction thread

    Hello VpsBoard, I'm from Asia, and currently working as PRO/Advertising Manager for I'm excited to be a part of this lively community. Hoping to have a good time here. Regards.
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    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    Well either have a big budget, or just don't invest figures like 10k. You should rather invest more money in advertising instead of acquiring servers. In short; Buy WHMCS license, and a couple of onshore and offshore ddos protected servers. Develop a custom website with sleek design, and...
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    When should you use SSL?

    If your project involves monetary transactions, or storing user's information, you should go for SSL. It increases the trust of your customers/visitors. If not, there is no need for it. In case you want that green lock on your site, just because it looks good, try getting free SSL from...