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    *BLACK FRIDAY* Enterprise Colocation Deals: New York East Coast Server Colocation | $19/mo

    Actually interesting, I don't remember ever seeing $20/month 1U colo before.  Location is in Latham, near Albany? Colo info page: Too bad about the 10 mbit port.  Is it possible to get a faster port with a traffic cap?  (Added: order form says...
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    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

    Oh yes, the public cloud stuff isn't so bad, especially since the have some very large instances available which can come in handy.  I was thinking of the so-called dedicated cloud where you seem to get two midrange dedicated servers for around $500 a month, with the ability to split them into...
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    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

    Hetzner is cheaper than OVH at dedicated servers and I don't have the impression they're subsidized.  They have DDOS protection for everything now too (announced a month or so ago).  OVH also has that "cloud" stuff with Amazon-like pricing (i.e. 10x what we're used to from cheap hosts) and I...
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    linode under ddos for past 2 days Wow it's ugly.
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    A nice nas offer would be....?

    I'm having trouble understanding the current offer: it looks like a single 2TB drive for 10 euro/month?  Like everyone else I'd be a bit scared by the absence of RAID.  And while I'm always looking for cheap storage I'm not sure what the advantage of a NAS is over a storage VPS or ftp or S3...
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    Crissic booting old customers

    I think I did ok except for this short notice eviction, which was tacky.  100GB disk and 512MB ram for $15/year was really quite good when I got it 2 or 3 years ago.  Now there are cheaper storage servers around so I can migrate the files at lower $/GB than I was paying there.  Performance of...
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    Crissic booting old customers

    I just got an email from Crissic (now part of Quadranet) that old services will be discontinued (i.e. the IP grab reaches its endgame).  Services won't be terminated early but won't be renewable past expiration.  I assume this was a mass mailing that everyone got at once.  My Crissic VPS expires...
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    Storage VPS Options in Europe - Time4VPS?

    For sshfs you only need fuse on the client side.  The server side only needs a regular sshd.  I have a time4vps storage plan and I can sshfs mount it without problems.  I've had it for about a month and it's great in general.  Transfer speed to and from Hetzner is around 20MB/s once the transfer...
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    SHOCKING PRICES! $20 E3-1230 - Memorial Day Sale! Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago!

    This is an annoying ad, putting a 1st month promo price in the title when the recurring price is $89/month.  If you think $89/month is a good price for that server (I think it's not bad, weighing various aspects into consideration) you should be willing to put that number in the title.
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    UDOO X86 - powerfull Raspberry Pi alternative

    I think it would be better to say in the title that this is a kickstarter rather than an available product. Looking at the cpu specs I think "10x more powerful than raspberry pi 3" is an overclaim.  2x-3x is more realistic, same range as an Odroid XU4.  I also don't see what makes the board...
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    DreamCompute Comes Out of Beta And Undercuts Hourly Competitors By 40% On Price

    The lower clocked chips have better performance per watt than the higher clocked ones, so multi-tenant hosts like them, though sometimes you really want the e3's single threaded speed.  Is there a backstory with DreamCompute that didn't come up before?  I.e. the operator now seems to be...
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    DreamCompute Comes Out of Beta And Undercuts Hourly Competitors By 40% On Price

    Are you sure of that?  It wasn't explicit in the doc page whether there was a bw charge or not, only that the storage price was a bit lower.  How much transit is included with the monthly plan? Regarding OVH, they had two VPS lines, some expensive-ish VMware ones that were supposed to be good...
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    Scaleway Cloud Launches x86-64 C2 Servers: Dedicated Avoton C2550 and C2750

    True about the disk space, though keep in mind it's non-RAID and there's no convenient backup method currently being offered to new users.  SIS was intended for that, but it had scaling problems so it's limited to old users for now.  They claim it will be back soon, we'll see.
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    DreamCompute Comes Out of Beta And Undercuts Hourly Competitors By 40% On Price

    Meh this just sounds like a natural pricing evolution, those $10/GB plans have been around for years and memory has gotten a lot cheaper recently (desktop DDR4 dimms at $3/GB!).  The object storage costs .05/GB for outbound transfer!  Do they think they are Amazon or something?  OVH outbound...
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    Scaleway Cloud Launches x86-64 C2 Servers: Dedicated Avoton C2550 and C2750

    I don't know that the 80 vps per node is so terrible.  I'll guess it's a 16 core e5 server with 128gb of ram and 2gb vps's, and if they're like here most of the vps will be idle most of the time, so you should be able to get reasonable cpu bursts.  So it's about 1/5th of an E5 core per vps...