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    Does your VPS provider install patches in your container in stealth?

    Vultr does use cloud-init on your VPS 
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    Quiting the Dang Job in a Blaze

    Ive worked on major streaming events and everybody and their mom has a dump button ( I can't imagine how this got through live television as the dump button should of been used 
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    Audiophiles around here? Who is using a DAC?

    Lexicon makes GREAT USB sound cards, I currently use 5 of these ( ) and have not had any issues. They sound amazing and really are great
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    Working on a shell script to check for blacklisted IPs...

    This is a great place to get individual ips along with subnets of ips
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    LET Archive?

    That can be another one of your projects!
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    RaptorNode has been apparently hacked.

    Can I say i'm surprised? Not really. The owner is a HackForum member. 
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    Free Socks From Sophos

    Sophons is giving away some free socks that are actually pretty cool. You can get them here: Enjoy
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    CentOS 7

    More annoying!
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    Ubiquiti Wireless Users - Filling in dead zones

    What we do at work is kinda what @KS_Phillip. You can just use a nanostation and do point to point to other nanostations with a loco attached on the end. That would be the easiest and kinda cheap as well. 
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    Child labor in the low end segment

    I do remember Robert Clarke talking in IRC about how @kaniini paid him to work on building servers over night. This was at like 2-3am his time, which is against child labor laws for somebody under 18 to work that late. 
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    Quadcopters and other tech toys?

    I know for me on chrome this happens, and I have to click the shield in the URL bar and allow it to load unsecure content. 
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    Coolest traceroute tool? I think so

    I came across this traceroute tool today, and I think it is pretty cool and awesome how it is done: I would post screenshots but its too hard to capture. I think this could actually be very useful
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    Eat, sleep, eat, sleep again

    If you work 24 x 7 burn out soon or a later. I did that for about 2 years, and I crashed and burned so hard. Welcome to startup burnout!
  14. Y – Offshore Hosting - 50% off on all plans! – The Netherlands/Dronten

    Creation Date: 2014-04-01 12:16:00Z    You became the best in 4 days??! Im impressed