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    Licensecart No Longer SolusVM Authorized Reseller

    If they work like cPanel then they may have a minimum amount and if Licensecart doesn't have enough licenses to meet the minimum amount then it makes no sense to continue offering Solusvm :)
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    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    Definitely, they shouldn't really be threatening anyone because honestly talking I am sure there are quite a number of people with real cases that they can sue ColoCrossing...
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    Servers in unusual locations

    You do understand that this is a 3 year old thread right?
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Glad to see you joining here @latic ;) When you say head of support do you mean the Arvixe head of support? or the ASO head of support? To be honest the escalations department was really stable before the Arvixe-ASO merge but everything went downhill after that and its going to go even more...
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    Tesla Model 3 Officially Unveiled!

    Yes extremely good. Now go home you spammer.
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    SolusVM panel strange event

    Sounds like you or someone with access to your account rebuilt the VPS with CentOS v7 in that case 
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Yep, all of the supervisors work remotely and a number of managers aswell. And I know a number of these people will loose their jobs as they are located in Europe and its not worth it to move to another continent.
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    BTW just to clarify the axing does also include supervisors, managers, members from sales and development teams aswell.
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    I wonder how many of those are remote but I assume the majority since very few of their staff work from their offices. Now this here is the most funny thing I have heard for a long time now:
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    I've got new information. It appears, verified from a few different staff working at different brands, that EIG is discontinuing completely their remote staff by the 1st of June on all of their hundreds of brands. This means several hundreds if not thousands of staff loosing their jobs.
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Not sure how things changed. But in the 2014 the Diya team were in the Monitoring Team only, then there were something like 10 techs out of the US and the rest in the US working remotely with a very small minority working from their Austin and Dallas offices.
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Oh and one more thing Diya sent an email with this subject to several people aswell - they are looking to hire more staff in India: "Endurance International Group | Job | We are Looking Hosting Product Specialist Professionals"
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Hehe I liked your points. It would be interesting to know if Site5 is also affected by this since they were scheduled for merging with ASO. From what I understood they are not covering relocation costs, its basically they are forcing staff to either relocate at their own costs or loose their...
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    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Well the below was announced to all employees of ASO/Arvixe. Note that they are keeping the outsourced support, they are just axing all directly hired remote staff. ======================= Over the past few years, ASO has operated as a location based division as well as a remote employment...
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    KnownHost Hiring Technical Support Operators (Birmingham, AL)

    FYI it seems the SSL cert is invalid :) uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,, *,, *, (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)