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  1. Experience the power and blazing speed of our Shared hosting plans, all deployed on ultra powerful servers. To add to our already impressive hardware, we provide drives on a full RAID10 setup to offer the fastest performance in web hosting, as well as maximum protection against hardware failure. Spend more today, and save a headache tomorrow. Choose with Confidence. Web hosting for Web Designers, Programmers, and Business Owners. All our hosting plans come with: - cPanel 11 control panel - Softaculous Premium Script Installer (300+ Scripts) - 24x7 Support - Instant setup Web Hosting Plans Starter Shared Hosting: 7 GB Storage 35 GB Bandwidth 10 Domain Allowed Remote Backups Unlimited Email, FTP Account and MySql Database $9.96 / Year Order Now Intermediate Shared Hosting: 40 GB Storage 200 GB Bandwidth 40 Domain Allowed Remote Backups Unlimited Email, FTP Account and MySql Database $5.50 / Month Order Now Serious offers only. True reliable, quality shared hosting services. Thank you. www.justfinehost.com
  2. Who was your first VPS provider?

    In my case, QuickPacket was my first service provider. I recommend to everyone here.
  3. phpMyAdmin vs Adminer?

    I use PHPMYADMIN because i have use it for years.Secondly, I get this tool with every Cpanel Shared Hosting environment. Lastly, using PHPMYADMIN is easy and secure.
  4. Honestly, i don't like WHMCS very much. However, it is most used billing panel.
  5. I was searching for domain name. I was looking for a domain name which is easy to remember. I search for w4webhost. I was lucky i found this domain name.
  6. Thank You. I am already working in this area.
  7. Programming Language

    You are good in PHP. You could learn any CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Magneto. You can speed up your rate of development by using these CMS. Learn any MVC framework like CakePHP. Frameworks are used in managing big projects. If you want to learn more, you could learn J2EE. Some topic of J2EE are Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Java Beans. Some framework designed in JAVA are: 1. Struts 2 - Front end development. 2. Spring - Remove dependencies injection ( Removing the new operator for making objects) 3. Hibernate - IT manages your database using objects.
  8. Digital Ocean Reseller?

    I still believe reseller save initial set up cost. You could start with reselling, once you start getting the response, you could buy your own server.
  9. CrocWeb using OVH?

    Here, bandwidth would be key. No matter you are in same data center, Internet speed and hardware could be different. Think accordingly.
  10. Hello, I want to know, how to get traffic for newly established Web Hosting forum. I am preparing some tutorials and quality content. How to add users. Thank You
  11. Hosting provider provide Nameserver, when you purchase hosting with them.