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    LET Archive?

    It's not worth the trouble. At the end of the day it's a forum that you guys invest too much time into. Archive other things that are actually worth archiving.
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    How much do you spend on Virtual Servers?

    I've unfortunately collected more dedicated servers than vps but my count in terms of vps is as follows: 1 x Vultr Grand Total = $5/month.
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    Which is safer? Using a VPN specific service or a VPS to tunnel traffic?

    I have a need for 'control' and with a vps there are so many other uses for it other than simply paying for a vpn service.
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    RamNode - DDoS Filtering, New Pricing/Plans, Control Panel and RIP Coupons

    Can't wait to see what you guys come up with this time. I haven't been a customer for a while because I could no longer legitimate my monthly payment for a vps I didn't use but I might change my mind depending on what you fellas whip up.
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    Happy 26th Birthday MannDude!

    Happy birthday Manndude, hope you have a good one!
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    What other forums to do you regularly visit?, LET, and some related subreddits such as /r/sysadmin are some of the other places I regularly visit when activity is low here.
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    Domain Registrars?' screw up with one of my .eu domains completely made me bail on them. I haven't experienced any issues with Namecheap and they always sort me out if I have extremely basic questions. 
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    LET Q1 2014 Top Provider Poll Results

    You can't mention something like this without elaborating. 
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    VPSBoard New Logo

    It's a logo, people expect too much. It looks fine.
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    How about a favicon for vpsBoard?

    Competition for a logo?
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    Question about OpenVZ UFW and IPv6

    I'd be interested in finding this out as well. It was a struggle trying to get UFW+IPv6 to cooperate.
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    Monitoring (both inside/outside) - What Do You Use?

    For checking whether my servers are up/down I simply stick to StatusCake. Haven't really implemented anything for the second option. 
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    Bitcoin: Buy for $300 at MtGox, sell at Bter for $600?

    That is stating the obvious and isn't really advice he could do anything with.
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    PhoenixVPS to leave Phoenix, ColoCrossing in their future.

    I haven't fully read everything, which CC DC location is he setting up shop in?
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    Free Hosted Ghost

    This makes me sad, to think I was excited coming across this thread  :(
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    Free Hosted Ghost

    This piques my interest, are you still looking at implementing your idea or are you getting second thoughts?
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    What's playing right now?

    Greatest start to a song I've heard in a while: