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    Nagios and exim mail q

    Nagios has a plugin to monitor mail queue of a cpanel server. You will need to install and configure it.
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    what are the requirements for starting a web hosting company?

    All sounds good. You already have a plan in place which looks nice.
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    How do you do staff?

    For technical issues - I assume that you have a good knowledge of the industry and can handle level 1 and 2 support for your customers. If you lease a server from a provider who also offers end user support for some additional fees, you can place ticket to the provider and get the issue resolved...
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    solusvm KVM server monitoring

    You can use nagios or zabbix to monitor the server. And Yes, I also heard about Pinguzo. Have you used it?
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    Finding Leads

    I would recommend to have a niche product and then start contributing on their communities. Like for example: "VPS Wordpress Hosting" , give specialized services related to them and people will follow you - just need to have solid support services.