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  1. DearLeaderJohn

    What else does everyone do?

    Not sure if this type of thread has been posted before so please merge/delete if so. I think it'd be interesting to see what occupations members of a hosting forum have. I'll begin: I'm currently a student but I also work part time in retail in the 9th biggest shopping centre in the UK (a bit...
  2. DearLeaderJohn


    Anyone into electronics as a hobby? I've just ordered an arduino uno r3, and I'm interested to see what others round here use and make!
  3. DearLeaderJohn

    Generic hosting related domains, good for white labelling?

    Well, not used them but pretty useful for white label hostnames for say reseller hosting? Guess you could use your imaginations! Domains to be sold together. 24 hour auction, so it ends at 21:00 UTC on June 4th Domains are: No reserve, minimum increment of a dollar. Top domain was...
  4. DearLeaderJohn

    Your favourite TV shows & movies

    Don't think I've seen this thread on VPSB yet so may as well kick one off! So basically it's as the title denotes, just list your favourite TV shows and/or movies. For me it's got to be: TV: How I Met Your Mother, Community & Parks and Recreation. Movies: The Hangover Pt 1 + 2 (not seen 3...
  5. DearLeaderJohn

    Is this design marketable?

    I completed this design a few months back, and basically it was used but has been replaced. Owner of the company gave me grace to sell the design; but I'm not too sure if it's marketable due to the face it has been used before. It's fully coded (3 pages) + WHMCS...