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  1. Ricky Spanish

    Who is intensenode?

    Are they a member here? I never did business with this company and I got a email from them.
  2. Ricky Spanish

    What happened to the crissic website?

    I had crissic on a list of hosts I was comparing and noticed this morning the website just goes to their billing system. They don't have any information about the company or products there. I had to use the archive version of the site...
  3. Ricky Spanish

    How to get my webserver to start automatically if my VPS is rebooted?

    My website went down when my vps provider had maintenance and my vps restarted. It was short maintenance but my site was down for much longer because I did not realize my server was back online quickly... but the webserver not started back up. How can I make sure my webserver will come back on...
  4. Ricky Spanish

    Is it worth it to host your own dns?

    I let cloudflare host my dns because it's easy to setup and only requires on IP on the VPS but have been looking at guides to host it myself for learning purposes. Is it even worth it to host your dns or is it better to let a service designed to do it do it? What do you think?
  5. Ricky Spanish

    CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian for a newbie learning to manage a server?

    What control panel would you recommend for an absolute Linux newbie who hasn't managed a server without a control panel before? (This is not for me, by the way. I already use Debian and know the basics) I do not really know why some one would want one OS over another and it seems like a personal...
  6. Ricky Spanish

    Why is there so many different SSL types?

    I was looking at different SSL Certificate options last night and notice there are many different types available at many different price ranges. Why are some $10/YR, and others $500/YR? I know their protection level differs, but what is preventing a $10/YR certificate from having the same...
  7. Ricky Spanish

    Nginx downloads php file instead of displaying it

    I created another thread about nginx and decided to use dotdeb to install it. Now I am trying to get php to work and all I get is a 502 error. I already had nginx installed so I skipped the first part but I followed this guide...
  8. Ricky Spanish

    Compile nginx from source or use apt-get install nginx?

    What one is preferred for a new production VPS? I know if you compile its a newer version, but is version you get when installing via apt-get more stable? What would you use for a new VPS? What about upgrading later?