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  1. mikho

    Time Tracking Module by Modulesgarden

    Since this is not VPS related I ask the question in this section instead of "Questions and Answers" I've been looking into starting my own business where I would sell my time and knowledge as a consultant and bill by the hour or project. I found that ModulesGarden have a "time tracking"...
  2. mikho

    Users with tapatalk......

    Is it possible to edit the settings in Tapatalk and remove the signature that your post is made from your phone with Tapatalk. Nothing major but it disturbs my 1938 east German senses. Thank you!
  3. mikho

    Failure rate on harddrives

    Blogpost on backblaze about the failure rate on harddrives. Which model is your favourite?
  4. mikho

    Customers, what to do with them?

    Two days ago I got a signup from a new customer. Yesterday, actually 6 hours and 31 minutes ago I got a cancellation request from the same customer saying that my system is to confusing and demanding. It's WHMCS and cPanel. The ticket also said that my password policy was to tough since he...
  5. mikho - $5/year Web Hosting in Miami, United States is a child of and operated with the help of its community. This week, offers you to try the CANIS package for as low as $5 / year. No coupon needed! No coupon needed! Our plans include cPanel and Softaculous, among many...
  6. mikho

    Teach Something, Win Something Contest by

    It is time to exercise your braincells again after the holidays. This is the first time that holds a contest, it won't be the last! I would like to introduce the Teach something, Win something contest brought to you by! Lets start by presenting what you...
  7. mikho

    Anyone using Linkedin?

    We already have the "do you tweet" thread and so i thought it was time to post another similar thread asking if any of you use LinkedIN and are willing to connect?
  8. mikho - Hosting from $3 / year in Miami, USA is a fresh addition to the successful project owned by Inception Hosting and operated by members from the Lowendspirit forum. As a startup the current packages, Feline and Canis are available in Miami, USA. Some of the features available...
  9. mikho goes shared hosting

    It's not vps related per se but I would like to mention that the project now includes free and paid for shared hosting. The shared hosting part is driven with the same interest as the rest of the project. First cpanel server is now live in Miami (with Inception...
  10. mikho

    Creative minds wanted: creating populated cpanel accounts?

    I have an idea where I should set up a WHMCS installation and "selling" products which actually contains a cpanel account (shared hosting) and should be pre populated with a script/template for the "buyer". I've looked around some and there are a few options but I'm throwing it out here to ask...
  11. mikho

    GetKVM acquired by Bradler & Krantz & Co.

    Looks like Ash from GetKVM is changing course (again), remember vmPort? Quoted the email sent out to customers below ... comments on their actions?
  12. mikho

    Man beats bank on their own game

    The idea of beating the banks at their own game may seem like a rich joke, but Dmitry Agarkov, a 42-year-old Russian man, may have managed it. Unhappy with the terms of an unsolicited credit card offer he received from online bank Tinkoff Credit Systems, Agarkov scanned the document, wrote in...
  13. mikho

    [Split] Auction Discussion

    Why are everyone bidding already? It's only driving the price up way more. The auction ends on Monday. Not today.
  14. mikho

    Vpn providers banned by Visa and Mastercard

    Just read this : Thats something to get around. Will we see an increase usage with bitcoins after this? Increase in different "companies" selling the service to use your credit card to get vpn access? Or will...
  15. mikho

    [request] create an ad for

    With the recent development of ads being implemented on this site (at time of writing, nothing is 100% decided yet) and the fact that I suck at graphics, I need some help creating a few alternatives to ads for my site What I'm looking for are: • a few 125*125...
  16. mikho

    Life is good!

    In the light of all the bad things that happened recently I would like to take the opportunity to share a picture of what I'm doing right now.
  17. mikho

    Etckeeper - anyone using it?

    I finally got time to finish of an post about Etckeeper after reading about it in a local tech magazine. Since there are so many things that I never heard of before in the Linux world. Has anyone ever used Etckeeper? Those of you that have tried it, was it good or bad? What is your opinion on it.
  18. mikho updates

    Good evening members of this forum! As you might have noticed from my signature I write and maintain a site called The reason for this post is that I updated the theme and layout of the page today/tonight (and it's really late). I have a tendency to miss the most obvious when...