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  1. tchen

    More router fun with DNS phishing

    It's probably worth checking your routers again for firmware updates. A couple older router vulnerabilities like the d-link and newer ones that affect zynos, tplink, and trendnet routers. Usual mitigation by...
  2. tchen

    Question about OpenVZ UFW and IPv6

    I've been running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS fleet with UFW's IPv6=no like any sane person who didn't like poking themselves in the eye with a rusty spoon tend to do.  But I'm a glutton for punishment.  Does anyone have it working under IPv6?  If not, any other good alternatives short of resorting to raw...
  3. tchen

    How to do encrypted backups with duply/duplicity

    Duply is a thin command line wrapper around duplicity, handling configuration, keys and pre-post scripts.  You can still pass in duplicity options directly, but this just makes things so much nicer. This guide assumes You are running Debian You want to backup selective parts of your system to...