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    WHMCS to double their price of owned licenses.

    No Hostbill was/is a completely different monster. They changed prices/removed/free their software 5 or 6 times in a few months time.
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    Cheap SEO VPS?

    The only people benefiting from SEO are the firms selling it.
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    Upcoming OpenSSL Patch

    Apparently tomorrow the OpenSSL team is releasing a new update and are urging people to update as soon as it's made available. Apparently there's a serious bug fix involved.
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    Why do vps providers not allow TOR?

    How did I know about illegal downloads? From DMCA notices sent either to me and/or to the datacenter. The IP will correspond to someone who admits to running a VPN/proxy. I don't know what relevance there is to downloading vs seeding on a VPN. Once you connect to the tracker anyone can view your...
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    FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR or a VPN

    We all know the only people who want privacy are criminals, that's why I only enter my credit card via HTTP.
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    Why do vps providers not allow TOR?

    Just as much as TLS & VPN are used for "shady" usage. I know several local journalists who use Tor. You should know better than to believe the nonsense most mainstream media spits out to scare people. I've allowed Tor relays with no more issues than "allowing" VPN's. In fact, I have more issues...
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    BBS software?

    You might be able to get Discourse running on such a VPS, but that seems insanely low for memory in today's age.
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    Any good SSH tutorials out there?

    I would start by actually learning what SSH is first. Than figure out what you want to do with it. What you just ask is very broad, it's like asking for HTTP tutorials.
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    Things to consider when choosing Colocation?

    No one ever has issues with a particular company, until they do.
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    YouTube says HTML5 is ready for primetime!

    Finally, it has begun. Which version of Firefox are you using?
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    What is better: Renting or owning your hardware?

    Typically it's better to own your own server so that they become assets, and with the prices you can find most hardware on eBay, it may not be that much of an upfront cost to purchase hardware than it is to setup a rented infrastructure. The only downside I can see is that you have to be...
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    Newegg introduces Bitcoin support

    It's about time, I got tired of paying high taxes at TigerDirect for large items.
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    PayPal Questions Legality of Encrypted Email

    Is he also unsure about encrypting web traffic? What about database information?
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    Seems like UrPad was hit by the IPMI Vuln.

    I wouldn't say it was bad luck, they had a forward facing out of band management interface. I don't understand why any would do that, but even so this is after several security researchers noted of numerous security issues. There is no reason to have an interface that doesn't really receive...
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    OpenVPN - very strange problem.

    What virtualization? Have you tried connecting via a Linux client? I have never used VPN on Windows so I can't be of much help.
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    From reading the site, it seems to be trying to make security "easier", for people who aren't savvy on PGP. Which would mean uploading a private key online seems safe from such a persons point of view. I can only see this going down a bad route. But I'll keep an eye on this project.
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    Private Key and Online should not be in the same sentence. I don't know how anyone can think uploading their private key online is safe. I'm not sure I quite understand the benefit of this service. How does it work differently than me verifying signatures on my own? The site doesn't go into much...
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    Increase vps disk space

    Most people get their information about torrents from their local news. So torrents == illegal to the uneducated. Similar to thinking Linux must be used for hacking
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    Favorite current Linux Desktop OS

    I wanted a rolling release that had good source package building similar to Portage without all the jumping through hoops to install and configure. So I ended up using Manjaro as my main desktop for a little under a year now.
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    Run Linux Commands from Web Browser

      This one line is going to give me nightmares.