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    Not quite spam comments

    I see far too many low quality posts from new users. This is an example: Several very brief comments that add nothing to the discussion, all today, from someone who joined today. just making comments for the sake of it - no spam links or...
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    Options for isolating sites: Vms, vs containers, cs different users

    I have multiple web sites (and a few other processes) I want to run in an environment that is flexible and as low maintenance as possible. This includes my sites and customer sites, production and development. Most share a common platform (Python, Django, Postgres, Linux (mostly Debian)). I need...
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    Why people pay so much for big brand VPS and cloud

    There have been a few threads that discussed 1) why people pay a lot more to use AWS etc. and 2) the likely consolidation of the VPS industry. Looking at this from my perspective as a user, I have done a lot of shopping over the last year or two, buying VPSs for clients. More recently I have...
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    Wanted, help securing Xenserver

    A client of mine has a low end dedi running running Xenserver with three VPSs on it. We are able to run the VPSs, but we need someone familiar with Xenserver to to ensure the host OS is secure and up dated. I do not expect it to be difficult for anyone familiar with Xenserver, but, after...
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    On demand VPSs with easy snaphots

    I am looking for a provider that supports quickly creating and destroying VPSs (to save the cost when they are not being used) but allows them to the easily restored. The point of it is to test and demo stuff, so I am not looking for performance or a high spec. I am looking for low cost...
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    Finding a reasonably priced European dedi or large VPS with DDOS protection

    Not entirely sure which where this should go, so defaulting to "general talk". I have a client who needs a significant upgrade from his current (2 virtual core, 4gb RAM, vmware) VPS. It has come under occasional attacks from people who dislike assertions of the identity of the ethnic group his...