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    Turf Hosting - Free Domain, SSL, End User Support, Enom Account, & Master Reseller. Plus Litespeed,

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    [Reseller] Turf Hosting - WHMCS, Enom, Softaculous, LiteSpeed, Deducated IP, Cloudflare, WHMPHP, $7

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    Turf Hosting - Fully Managed | cPanel/WHM | Raid-1 | SolusVM | Free 1GB Ram Upgrade!

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    Providers - VPS Control Panel Nearly Completed

    Looks good from what I can see. Don't make any Centralbackup mistakes lol. It also needs to be very secure. You should hire a team to audit it after its finished. Would be nice to see a automatic FTP backup for the client end. (ex. they enter ftp and there vps automatically backs up every 24...
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    Turf Hosting- LiteSpeed, Cloudflare, Softaculous, $7 Domain & More 90% Off 1st Month!

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    HOW-TO: Protect from recent SolusVM exploits.

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing. 
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    SolusVM Vulnerability

    ChicagoVPS was attacked last night as well I believe. If it was the same exploit and they didnt patch it i would be very angry if i was a customer of theres. thats just laziness and stupidity
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    Cheapest place to get a 1-800 number?

    I've been searching for a reliable/cheap 1-800 number company. Preferably around $10-20 for their lowest pack or by the minute. Also I prefer to pay by paypal as well.
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    Pros/cons of owning own IPs

    They are definetly cheaper to buy from ARIN than rent from a data center. DC's charge about $2-2.50 per IP. Its ridiculous.. Makes it hard to compete with low end VPSes when a IP is $2.50/mo alone. 
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    Gorack $25.50 1U Special

    Sometimes "deals" like this are to good to be true. Is there data center good? Who knows?
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    Extremely Fast WordPress with Redis Cache

    Would it be possible to install this on a main shared/reselled server and only activate it on certain domains that use Wordpress?
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    BGP IPs being hijacked...

    I think this will become more and more common and eventually your going to be defending your IP's with your life! Hah just kidding, but that is crazy. I don't even understand how its possible to "hijack" a IP...
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    What is your favorite type of vps

    KVM I believe is the best. It is rare that a KVM node can be oversold, and undersold is a big bonus! :)
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    Seeking Website Builder for Businesses

    I'm a web designer. I believe we talked before but more of security and no web design. I think I have you on skype but not sure. Anyways, my portfolio is in my signature check it out and let me know :)
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    Simple security

    Great guide. 
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    Looking for SSD in US

    I've seen plenty of deals here and there at newegg and tigerdirect. Keep an eye out.
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    Software RAID vs hardware RAID

    It's very obvious hardware raid is the winner here. Its faster and way more reliable.. Shouldn't of even been a question -.-
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    25.1gb/s attack incoming flood - advice?

    Go with vox, they are awesome. $200 is really not alot for DDOS protection. Some companies charge thousands! Anyways, goodluck.