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  1. arieonline

    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    i'm able to use my own script to automatic full backup my cPanel account on buyvm to my vps with scp run every night 
  2. arieonline

    INIZ - NYC KVM Offers - NYC/LA/Amsterdam NL - $7/Year & More!

    ordered one and moved all my production site :)
  3. arieonline

    Favorite OS for your VPSes?

    vote for Debian
  4. arieonline

    How do you track your own VPS collection

    using Dropbox and Simple Text File
  5. arieonline

    Best Desktop

    my laptop use xfce my debian vps use xfce too :)