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  1. mojeda


    I found this pretty nifty Linux/Windows/OSX Application the other night and thought I'd share it here with all of you. No I didn't make this, I just found it by browsing /r/sysadmins. sysdig "A New System Troubleshooting Tool Built for the Way You Work" Supports RHEL...
  2. mojeda

    Leonard Nimoy Passes Away I imagine a few people here are fans of the Star Trek series. A Fan Made Star Trek intro for those who haven't seen it before: Live Long and Prosper
  3. mojeda

    Netcat never ending http connection

    I've got a script to server a basic web page using netcat: #!/bin/bash while true; do { echo -e 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n'; echo -e "Hello World"; } | nc -l -p 8888; done On one server running the exact same script, the page will load instantly, however on another server the page continuously...
  4. mojeda

    Sever Status 3 Beta

    Hey all, figured I'd let you all know here that I've released Server Status 3 as Beta which can be received via the Server Status beta branch on github: I actually decided to change a lot of what I hard originally planned in my previous...
  5. mojeda

    Places to Get SSL Certs?

    I'm going to work on adding SSL to most/all of my websites and I'm curious to know as to what place might be the best place to get them from. I already have a couple of certs, but what other places are there? I know NameCheap, GoDaddy are resellers for Comodo, RapidSSL as well as some others.
  6. mojeda

    FASTER Connectivity to Japan from US West Coast Coming Soonish

      Hopefully this will help west coast hosts/datacenters have better connectivity to the ASIA region.
  7. mojeda

    Looking for Testers for a MySQL-less ServerStatus

    Hey folks, I'm toying with the idea of a MySQL-less Server Status 3 and I'm looking for some testers. There are no bells and whistles in this test from my former post about Server Status 3, this is just testing my mysql-less version. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks :)
  8. mojeda

    How do you like your VPSes?

    We all know that some things might need a bit beefier VPS than others, but what is your general go-to specs for a VPS? If I'm in need of something temporary/quick I will generally go for: KVM 1GB RAM 20-50GB Storage SSD Debian 3TB B/W This is not a market study.
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    RamNode - DDoS Filtering, New Pricing/Plans, Control Panel and RIP Coupons

    Got this email in my box just a few moments ago:
  10. mojeda

    DigitalOcean Now Offering User to User Snapshot Sharing

    Received this via my email for any DO users.
  11. mojeda

    The GNOME foundation has run out of money
  12. mojeda

    3 Atom Invites (GitHub Text Editor)

    I got my invite today but sadly don't have a mac to use it on... however they did give me 3 invites to give away. Atom is GitHub's sublime text-like text editor. I think there is a linux build in the works, not sure about windows. PM me your email if you are interested.
  13. mojeda

    Seven Free De La Soul Albums Today ONLY 2/14

    Figured I'd post this here just in case it wasn't just Me, myself and I that has enjoyed some of their stuff in the past. De La Soul are giving away seven of their albums for free, today only. Albums: 3ft High and Rising De La Soul is Dead Buhloone Mindstate Stakes is High Art of...
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    Quick Gallery

    I tend to upload a lot of images to my website to share with friends or for my own personal use but never liked having to click on each one directly, so I put together Quick Gallery! It really is quick and only consists of 2 files. It allows you to upload multiple folders with images in them...
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    With the new Coding, Scripting and Programming forum I figured I would finally make a post about ServerStatus. ServerStatus first originated from BlueVM's original Server Monitoring script and then me taking it a little bit further. I've both live memory and disk space levels, a styled web...
  16. mojeda

    ZPanel Hacked A LET reader went to ZPanel forums to check up on if it was safe to use ZPanel due to the wide knowledge that it has many security flaws. PS2Guy was prompt to say that all vulnerabilities were patched in...