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    [HiFormance] 2GB RAM - 40GB SSD RAID10 - 2 CPU - $5/mo - Instant Deployment - KVM SSD VPS Hosting Email: [email protected] Call us: +1 (866) 266-3979 LiveChat: Why choose HiFormance? High-end VPS Hosting 100% Genuine SSD Awesomeness Expert Support Team Dedicated resources - No overselling! Phone, Live Chat, Ticket Support 99.9%...
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    Need Help, buds. Need Windows VPS host

    Why not start with shared hosting? If not then what is your budget?
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    Cloud VPS Hosts? (need time-tested one)

    I don't see any reviews on this website but I searched google for "ssdcloudservers review" and it showed a few on webhostingtalk but nothing really recent I could find. What's your budget for the server?
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    SEO recommendations...

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone has any seo specialists they would like to recommend or any companies offering seo. It's hard to find someone who actually knows what they are doing for a reasonable price.
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    Want to host new-built adult content sites

    A quick search reveals some mixed reviews about "warez-host", have a search on google. but I agree with what raindog said. For me any host that has "warez" in the company name would be a definite no.
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    Need good hosting for running wordpress in US

    Some hosts give you a deal if you pay annually, if it's divided into increments then it would be monthly.
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    Looking for ssd (ecommerce) php7 web hosting

    Finding a host with resources is easy, but finding one that is reliable and offers the level of support you need ..that's probably the first thing I would look at.
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    Dedicated remote server vs local home lab

    I guess you have to consider if you want a reliable solution or just a developer sandbox. If it's a sandbox you can just shut off the boxes when you are not using them. If you need reliability (need it powered on and connected 24/7) then collocation is probably what you are looking for.
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    Backlink Strategy

    If your budget is low then it takes time and research plus more time. Have a good for websites that list products/services similar to yours or like Eric said, websites that review services (a lot are paid) but you can find some ones that will review you for free. If you have some funds to work...
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    Hosting Marketing Strategies

    Depends on your budget, but don't just go spending money exspecting return. Spend wisely and research your market!
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    Need wordpress hosting in US and UK

    Why not go with shared hosting? It's going to be cheaper and you won't have to worry about server management. If your set on a vps check out digitalocean or linode.