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  1. mpkossen

    FCC filing confirms Raspberry Pi 3 with Wifi and Bluetooth

    This ^ I'd prefer that over WiFi or Bluetooth myself, but I can understand their choice for WiFi and Bluetooth.
  2. mpkossen

    Google under fire in Europe for tax avoidance techniques

    I really doubt that's going to do them any good. It's not going to make doing business in the UK easier anyway, it's just going to make it harder.
  3. mpkossen

    LinuxMint WordPress Gets Hacked, ISO Downloads Infected With DDoS Bot

    Yeah, don't get me started on that. The way the Cluster™ works is that files are not mirrored or on a shared volume. A single OVZ instance has to be replicated across nodes. This is known as the GoodHosting Model. Only the uploads are synced, I think with the use of a cron job. This is why...
  4. mpkossen

    DOJ vs. Apple over Terrorist Phone

    I actually agree! And to be brutally honest, I'm a bit disgusted at Apple by unnecessarily turning this into a media circus and marketing campaign. The way I'm reading it is that the FBI is asking Apple to come up with a solution to unlock a single device in a controlled environment...
  5. mpkossen

    Email Blacklists

    Try communicating about a job application with someone that uses Office 365 and you using your custom domain name for email. Everything 100% clean, even according to Microsoft, but mail gets marked as SPAM anyway because "the domain has not yet been able to build a proper reputation". WTF...
  6. mpkossen

    EIG Acquires Lowlife Fathi Said's Spam Friendly Operation Ecommerce Inc / IX Web Hosting

    LOL He's not lying, I mean: The order is just wrong.
  7. mpkossen

    India's National sub $4 quad core Android Smartphone

    I'd order one just to see what it can do. I can always use an additional phone for SIMs I use for site that require a phone number.
  8. mpkossen

    Could not retrieve mirrorlist

    Good one. I need to redo that tutorial.
  9. mpkossen

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Fuck, that's young. My condolences.
  10. mpkossen

    How to Change SSH Port on Ubuntu

    Switch to WBB ;-)
  11. mpkossen

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    What do they do with these things anyway? Isn't it just one of those forms they have to have just in case? I've given a range of reasons over the years and never once was denied (or checked AFAIK).
  12. mpkossen

    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    I'm positively surprised as well. Curious at the same time as to why they didn't do it before. The argument used to be that it would be harder to prevent DDoS attacks with SSL enabled. Next step is fixing the 'Not Secure' warning. Not sure how much Google likes that.
  13. mpkossen

    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    I guess you triggered something with your comment ;-)
  14. mpkossen

    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    Can't say it's unexpected. You're talking about LET and Privacy Policies in the same thread... Dude! You of all people should know better.
  15. mpkossen

    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    That's not WordPress being stupid. That's ColoCrossing being incompetent. It's always worked like that and it will work after a minute or so. It's what you get when you take advice on clustering from GoodHosting. They can't and they won't. LE* is a "least effort we could put into it" kind...
  16. mpkossen

    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    Selective sinking? What do you mean by that? Isn't it always selective with the exception of offer threads?
  17. mpkossen

    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    I don't get why that thread got closed either.
  18. mpkossen

    How did you come up with your company name?

    I deliberately picked mine not to include anything specific like "host", "VPS", or "server" but instead choose to make it quite generic. I do things besides managed hosting and I wanted my (new, I changed the name after I started my company) company name to be something that could accommodate...
  19. mpkossen

    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    You don't know what a Cluster (TM) costs, but it's considerably more than it should, especially if you take advice on setting it up from people like GoodHosting. You love LEB so much you're often one of the first ones to comment, Todd! What, you were still banned? A simply PM here would...