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    vpsBoard's Future

    @Jonathan, Is there some kind of caching? I just took this screenshot: - It should have shown @vpsrus's post instead of my post from 10+ mins ago I think? Similar stuff happens on New Posts, too.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Putting it on the far left would be easier to click I think. I welcome others' suggestions.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Nope. Also, New Posts page doesn't update frequently I think.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    @Lee, I'm not getting any notifications when my post is quoted. Is that intentional?
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Putting the link of New Posts to the left of Forums, Members, etc menu would be nice.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Is @drmike back too?
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    Fiberhub Website has been infected....

    Wordpress is cancer. Just like cancer, it's easy to obtain and easy to spread. Here's what Wordpress did over the years: - Lots of crappy coders with its laughable coding practices and low entry barrier to actually extend the code. This has trashed the reputation of PHP coders in...
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    Happy 27th Birthday MannDude!

    There is none. I believe celebrating birthdays in Turkey started only a few decades ago.
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    Los Angeles & Dallas | SSD Cloud w/ DDoS Mit. 512MB/20GB SSD/2TB BW - 50% 1st Month!

    Who thought Mit. in the title was the German mit?
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    Happy 27th Birthday MannDude!

    In Canada and the United States, families often mark a girl's 16th birthday with a "sweet sixteen" celebration. In some Hispanic countries, as well as in Portuguese-speaking Brazil, the quinceañera (Spanish) or festa de quinze anos (Portuguese) celebration traditionally marks a girl's 15th...
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    OpenVZ Ploop 1.13

    Ploop is cancer
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    Previously acquired is merged into Virtora, Jack departs

    I'm sorry, your ticket was waiting for me and I've missed it for days it seems. I've just got notified for your message here by a friend and handled your ticket. It is now set.
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    FraudRecord Public Dumps User / Customer Info

    It's offline due to DDoS now. Hope you guys are happy now.
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    Blondes or Brunettes?

    Redheads > *
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    Stay away from Damien and his company SupremeBytes. (my review)

    No. Nodewatch monitors concurrent connection count. A smart spammer can always send low volume per second to avoid it easily. I'm talking about 1 min, 5 mins, 15 mins, etc sent email count. Winity and VPSDime. Although, we colocate a few servers for Backupsy with SupremeBytes in LA, as well...
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    Stay away from Damien and his company SupremeBytes. (my review)

    Well, we rent IPs from Damien as well. We pay annually and we have just renewed them for another year. The IPs were not SWIP'ed to our org for a few months and they were in use. We used to get occasional abuse reports from Damien and they were handled timely. I guess we have received total 4 or...
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    vpsBoard Theme

    Now you made it fluid. This is not easy for us that have 2650px wide screens. Please put the old one under another name at least!
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    SpamVPS, the industry leading 2GB for a peso brand BBB doesn't look like at all!
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    Does SSD storage make all websites faster?

    Forget caching for a moment. People using SSD for marketing doesn't make it useless. A 7200 RPM HDD can only have 150 IOPS tops. A modern SSD has at least 10K non inflated/non bullshit/non cached IOPS. On a HDD server, your VPS will race with all other VPS's to process its I/O actions. On SSD...