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  1. Asim

    VPS Reseller (custom plans) or Resource Pool VPS

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of small VPS with a bunch of hosts, what im looking for is either of the following 1) A resource-pool (KVM preferred) with 4 IPv4 2) A KVM VPS reseller with ability to create custom packages Can anyone guide me regarding this?
  2. Asim

    Half-yearly / Yearly KVM offers

    I am looking for yearly KVMs, 256MB would be fine as well
  3. Asim


    Is KernelCare something worth spending? I know KSplice was a shown no love when Oracle purchased it If you have any better alternates, issues, reviews etc please do post
  4. Asim

    VPS(es) for cPanel DNS-Only

    I need 4 DNS-Only VPS(es) 256MB memory 8GB SSD or 15GB HDD at least 200GB transfer 1 x IPv4 1 x IPv6 (atleast) KVM or XEN-PV or XEN HVM Locations: US East + US West + EUROPE Budget around $3 each
  5. Asim

    Netsys-Online is now AI:Hoster

    I used them for cheap Plesk licenses. Just received this in my mailbox (actually junk folder)
  6. Asim

    How to pay from BitPay

    n00b question but how do I pay using BitPay, recently I wanted to pay invoice for one of my favorite VPS provider and they refused to accept the good old PAYPAL (since I use my UK-cousin's paypal to pay invoices). I am forced to consider BITPAY, its either BITPAY-way or leave-the-host-forever...
  7. Asim

    Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

    Whenever im using VPSBoard from my work-place, it shows "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!" I remember I contacted MannDude and he confirmed the IPs should not be banned etc but I can post a topic here to see if someone else is also getting the same Is there a community-wide plugin...
  8. Asim

    256MB KVM

    I am looking for a 256MB Memoryu (RAM) KVM virtualization 8 or 10GB disk (SSD preferred) ISO Installs IPv4 at least IPv6 (if possible) I can even go with yearly once if the price is right, recommendations? No RamNode please (12+ VMs running rocksolid there) No Frantech/BuyVM please (payment...
  9. Asim

    Windows License?

    I have a VirtualBox VM where I want to install a licensed Windows (7/8.1/2008 R2/Whatever). Are there monthly leased licenses available for Windows? I am an end user, not a corporate company so I cannot get into the Gold partner plan etc. Any ideas?
  10. Asim

    Reliable Windows Reseller Plan

    I am currently with PremiumReseller, their service is very stable but lately their plans are not I inquired why I cannot change the quota of one email account and I was informed that I need to pay $2/mo/mailbox to enable it to go to 500MB from the default 250MB (kb...
  11. Asim

    enabling IPv6 on cPanel hosted on KVM/SolusVM

    I have a small VPS hosted on KVM and due to the limitation of SolusVM (if I clearly remember) one could get 16 IPv6 addresses Issue is that cPanel's IPv6 is only enabled if the following conditions are met How to enable IPv6 on cPanel...
  12. Asim

    500GB Backup VPS (non-OVZ) close to HostDime-Orlando-DC2

    I am looking for a 500GB Backup VPS close to HostDime Orlando DC2 location (since the daily backup size is approx 70GB that I need to push offsite) What I need 500GB disk space 2TB + data transfer on Gigabit (I push at around 20mbit so it will not overload it) Close to Orlando-DC2 (any...
  13. Asim

    Windows Reseller Hosting

    I am with a renowned windows hosting provider but the support is slow and they have issues that they are ironing out. Wanted to ask the community, what provider has the best windows reseller hosting plans?
  14. Asim

    Urgently needed PHP4 hosting with port 993 allowed

    I urgently need a PHP4 Shared Hosting with port 993 allowed. Please advise
  15. Asim

    SolusVM DNS AXFR Zone transfers?

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used SolusVM's DNS and setup slave-DNS on DNS.HE.NET? I cannot find anywhere about AXFR Zone transfers
  16. Asim

    VPS with 2TB traffic

    I am looking for a VPS with 2TB of traffic, my current image-sharing app is now touching 1.2TB more frequently then I imaginged, preferably KVM or XEN but OpenVZ will also do RAM: 256MB in case of KVM or XEN; more in case of OpenVZ Disk: 20GB min Bandwidth: 2TB @ 100mbit at least IPv4: Yes...
  17. Asim

    VirtualMin NS2

    So, I have Virtualmin (and NS1) but how do I setup NS2 to auto-sync with NS1 as new accounts are created? Right now, I am using RamNode FREE DNS to point stuff at the Virtualmin VPS. Please advise