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    What are you listening to right now?

    @Eric I do not think I could work with that as background lol .. @raindog308 good stuff there from BIG!
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    Dedicated remote server vs local home lab

    I'm curious about what you guys and gals think about having a dedicated server for virtualization/multimedia purposes VS running that locally. My main concern is power (as in electricity bill), so if you pay for colocation or for a dedicated server let's say 130 a month (forget about specs) but...
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    Dedicated server for virtualization

    @Jackwebbby what virtualization technology you are looking to do and are you looking for a managed service or are you managing that yourself?
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    Wordpress hosting in Mexico City?

    @Jackwebbby, If there is one good thing about hosting is that you can choose a company in England if the prices are right for you why isolating the whole thing to one particular city?
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    How about cryptocurrencies?

    @graeme I have to disagree as I have a few friends that are making quite a lot of money out of it but definitely, you have a point as in the end is just like doing regular trading.
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    Any good wordpress friendly web hosts?

    @Kostoprav what are you meaning exactly by saying WordPress friendly? Friendly in terms of the support to the WordPress CMS itself, friendly in terms of the configurations of the server as to how it would interact with WordPress?
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    How about cryptocurrencies?

    I am not thinking really about using Bitcoin as a payment method but more as a possible investment opportunity @raindog308, however, it is very confusing when you are just starting to get into the cryptocurrency world as to which coin to get first. @HBAndrei thanks for the suggestions I'll look...
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    Research: Interest in more VDS offers?

    there is a difference indeed @Criot thanks for the explanation.
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    How about cryptocurrencies?

    You might be by now tired about all the cryptocurrencies chit chat, however, I am new to do this as I always ignored them thinking the "system" would have them fail, however, time has proved me wrong so I am trying to catch up any recommendations as to: Is it worth it to mine, or is it better...
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    @AuroraZero how good is Diablo 3 I've been tempted to get it but not sure yet I use to play the old ones but it has been a while without the franchise now...
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    @Jonathan just finished Horizon: Zero Dawn which is an awesome game and the story line is very original. Right now I am downloading Sniper Ghost Warrior 3..
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    Looking for Windows 7-10 VPS

    @Mardaki any particular reason to use a Windows VPS, just curious here as you might be well of porting the APP (if any) to Linux as you get more for your money when using Linux based VPSs..
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    Research: Interest in more VDS offers?

    Wonder how thin is the line between VPSs and Dedicated Resource VPS as a VPS will have RAM and DISK dedicated anyways the only real shared resource is CPU TIME. Sure from time to time, you can suffer from high I/O wait times from the node but if you are provisioned a VPS with 1GB of RAM and 60GB...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    @ChrisM what is that?? lol it does have some style! lololol
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    How do you upload your files to your webserver?

    I'll say FileZilla or your preferred FTP client with Sftp (not to be confused with ftpS) is the best combination.
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    Plesk Sold to Oakley Capital for $105M

    Plesk is very obtuse, they need to take a retreat to some remote mountain to re-design the entire scheme they are using and the one thing they have to do is to switch from PostFix to Exim I mean PostFix is a great CORPORATE email server but for web hosting is just not that great, corporate...
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    What location to start with First?

    Location, location, location well is not as valuable in the cyber realm as it is in the real estate world, true latency is going to be a problem depending on who are you targeting vs where are the data centers are located at, however, nowadays there are many options to tackle down the problem a...
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    Wordpress hosting from hostround ...

    @risharde I'll say that the price is not the most important part when choosing a hosting company as you might save some money now but losing customers is going to be worst down the line. Keep in mind that hosting WordPress is just hosting another website vulnerable to the same PHP bugs as any...
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    Updates to the Apple Mac line

    Being an Apple fan I'll say it is going to be difficult for Apple to improve the current line of MacBook Pro and McBook Air other than better performance because in my opinion, they are very focused on the new iPhone 8. As to the Mac Mini they might improve the current one but with Apple, you...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    How about we revive this post with some good music to work to? I listen to all kind stuff but lately, I've been listening to Jurassic 5