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  1. Damian

    CaliHop closing down

    Joseph had been getting kinda funky for awhile, maybe a year or so. If I had to mark the time, I'd pin it to around October/November of last year when they pulled their promotions and said they probably wouldn't be offering them ever again. He was always extremely helpful to any inquiry we ever...
  2. Damian

    GreenValueHost - Lies, Lies & Lies - Indians, Aliases, Kids, Excuses and Cheats

    This really shouldn't be news to anyone....
  3. Damian

    What do you like in a billing system?

    I like an upgrade interface that works properly. WHMCS's has been so broken since 5.3.13 or so.
  4. Damian

    Too bad if Intel® Virtualization Technology not supported on VPS node?

    At this point, any processor that does NOT have the virtualization extensions is old enough to be irrelevant, and will underperform in your application or use an excessive amount of power.
  5. Damian

    eBay hacked. Change your password.

    As an Ebay user, I am disappointed that I wasn't notified by email.
  6. Damian

    Impressed by a Celeron!

    VPSBoard doesn't alert me when someone writes in my thread, so these are a bit delayed... Internal development system... I could have used a VPS but I would kinda rather avoid being at someone else's mercy. I don't like VirtualBox et al either, so, cheap and low on power consumption were the...
  7. Damian

    Higher %wa value on OpenVZ server

    Is there a hardware RAID controller in place? Even basic non-caching controllers will markedly improve disk i/o. Drives on LSI controllers still appear as sdX
  8. Damian

    Impressed by a Celeron!

    "Impressed by a Celeron" <--- not really something you hear every day, eh? I had a requirement for a small dev server at home. I wanted to leave it running 24/7, but didn't want it to suck down a lot of power nor spend a lot of money. After a bit of research, it came down to either an AMD...
  9. Damian

    Psychz Networks / PhotonVPS new DC - Downtown Los Angeles

    Due to the complete lack of response to abuse reports, IPXcore ended up just dropping networks in AS40676. The filter was implemented March 23rd. This is the results from March 25th: core01.nj#show access-l IPXCore_Custom_Filter Extended IP access list IPXCore_Custom_Filter     10 deny ip...
  10. Damian

    (Searching) Custom built HDD mounting solution

    Got it, I'll come up with something tomorrow. Just doing some basic maths, it looks like it's going to be about 0.8 meters tall.
  11. Damian

    GVH cancelling servers for no "pure" intentions

    "Beyond my authority" <---- wat? Like this?
  12. Damian

    (Searching) Custom built HDD mounting solution

    Before I say "yes, I can do this" (I have a background in metalworking), can you talk more about: I'm not quite getting a good image of this in my head
  13. Damian

    Thinking about not using paypal.

    Skylar and Lee summed up what I was trying to say (i r not teh good @ inglesh): -If you resolve the dispute online, you're going to lose your money. -If you resolve the dispute by calling PP, there's an extremely good chance you'll keep your money.
  14. Damian

    Thinking about not using paypal.

    Call your rep (you do have a rep, right?) directly and discuss this with them. You can also discuss the kinds of resolutions available; Paypal defaults to giving the customer back their money, which doesn't work for low-margin businesses. If you talk shop with your rep and stress that you're not...
  15. Damian

    Bandwidthd totally different than SolusVM?

    What methods are you guys using? The way i've done it is to use an iptables chain as a counter, then clear it every time I read from it.
  16. Damian

    LET Q1 2014 Top Provider Poll Results

    It's kinda interesting at how pop-con it tends to be. When I participated in That Forum, IPXcore was around 6th place. When I stopped participating, IPXcore drops to the last place with single-votes.
  17. Damian

    A Useful List of Recent Malware Caught on VPS Server

    That's actually really interesting... I was expecting there to be more stuff on there.  I was thinking the other day while on an airplane about the feasibility of using inotify to md5sum against newly-written files, and then notify, or potentially take further action on, containers that have...
  18. Damian

    ipxCore Left CC Buffalo and Should be over at Choopa shortly.

    We aren't direct Choopa customers either :P Well, we were there at 7:30 in the morning, and the pizza place had pizza out, with absolutely no one around to buy any.  I sure hope they weren't leaving the pizza out for ~4 hours to get nice and crunchy under the heat lamp. The coffee place was...