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  1. eslabs

    cPanel/Plesk Alternative?

    CWP is free, for commercial user, there is no other than cpanel/plesk/directadmin, maybe you can try vestcp
  2. eslabs

    Tips To Maintain Security On Your VPS Server

    As addition to the list above, here are my basic security tips for cloud / virtual server: ✔ Disable root login + Enable password-less login with private key ✔ Change your default ssh port (22) to another ✔ Install iptables-based firewall configurator such as UFW (Ubuntu, CentOS user can...
  3. eslabs

    Which VPS is the best for my needs?

    I'd recommended this providers for cloud / virtual server Upcloud Linode Scaleway (they have bare-metal ARM based cloud server) RamNode SSDNode Vultr DigitalOcean
  4. eslabs

    European VPS which is Wordpress friendly ...

    why not putting hetzner / ovh in your basket?