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  1. sleddog

    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    Securedragon is superb. I have a 512MB OpenVz running a couple of Wordpress sites. Near-flawless uptime and the loadavg seems forever stuck on 0 0 0 :)
  2. sleddog

    What happened to the crissic website?

    It's lowend marketing done right. Position yourself as the cool guy who's doing everything to deliver awesome service at rock-bottom prices. Be everyone's best buddy. Be publicly vocal: got an issue? Hey I'm right on it! Skylar did it well and built a fan base.
  3. sleddog

    What happened to the crissic website?

    Crissic is seriously oversold, some servers to the point of frustration. I had a 1 GB OVZ there and eventually just cancelled it. Support was useless, would go through the motions of "fixing" it and achieve nothing. I have no idea what Quadranet is like. But they can only be better.
  4. sleddog

    Has anyone used BoltVM?

    @drmike: While I appreciate the fact that you "thanked" my post, I don't like the insinuations that you left in your previous post. It leaves the reader with the idea that boltvm might hire young kids who snoop in customers files. You have no evidence of this (as you've said), so why even...
  5. sleddog

    Has anyone used BoltVM?

    I have a Boltvm 1GB Thunder. Been excellent since Day 1 (Feb 9, 2015), except for a minor interruption during the infamous IP swap. It runs a 20-site Piwik install. Lots of crap gets thrown at boltvm, and no doubt he has made some mistakes. But he delivers a solid OpenVz service IMO...
  6. sleddog

    {URGENT} What is Ploop10227p1 and having error with php5

    As root, do: cd /var/lib/php5 mkdir sessions chmod 1733 sessionsThen restart the PHP service.
  7. sleddog

    phpMyAdmin vs Adminer?

    I always used phpMyAdmin and have just recently switched to adminer. It seems much lighter (in terms of server impact) and I prefer the simpler, uncluttered interface. So far quite happy with it :)
  8. sleddog

    WeLoveServers (VPS Hosting in 6 locations) - adds Orlando, FL & London, UK locations

    I have a $19/year 1GB WLC in Florida (Dimenoc), since March 2014. First year was not great, though not really horrible. Frequent reboots, sometimes poor performance (over-crowding I assumed). I submitted an end-of-billing cancellation in Oct 2014, citing those reasons. In November 2014 I...
  9. sleddog

    Epidrive celebrates First Year Anniversary! (Gifts Inside)

    Yes, it's there now. Thanks :)
  10. sleddog

    Epidrive celebrates First Year Anniversary! (Gifts Inside)

    Happy Anniversary! Still patiently waiting for that CentOS 7 template :)
  11. sleddog

    Who was your first VPS provider?

    ServInt, around 2003. $49/month for 256MB VPS with CPanel. Was pretty good :)
  12. sleddog

    Is it legal to deny new orders or block orders from high risk countries?

    Of course you can! E-commerce sites do this all this time. I live in Canada, and many large, established US shopping sites won't do business with me. There's no US law that says, "US businesses must accept clients from all countries." A business is free to define who they do and don't do...
  13. sleddog

    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    That is not what I meant. The quantity of new offers posted on a daily basis on WHT gives evidence of how crowded the VPS hosting field already is. And undoubtably there are many, many more hosts that do not use WHT. Anyone starting a new business is advised to do market research regarding the...
  14. sleddog

    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    Anyone looked at WHT VPS Offers lately? :) 30-40 new offers every 24 hours (not including the sticky ones). How can a new startup with a measly $10k expect to compete in that chaos, and make a profit? If I had $10k (of someone else's money) and 3 months free time, I'd start a VPS Matching...
  15. sleddog

    This Forum.......

    Sounds to me like you're complaining :)
  16. sleddog

    HELP! I have a VPS problem! (It's been 2 days since my last order)

    Did you order for the US? If so, where did it get deployed? Their datacenter list show CA and VA, but the order form only has "US". I'd order one if I could get it in VA....
  17. sleddog

    Cloud VPS is really cloud?

    The definition of "cloud" is nebulous :)
  18. sleddog

    If a client's VPS is suspended, do you still send them an invoice for next month?

    It is, and it's called planned obsolescence. If you bought a major appliance like a refrigerator in 1980, you could expect it to last 20 years. Buy one now and you might, if you're lucky, have it for 10 years -- probably with a few service calls during that time to replace onboard electronics.
  19. sleddog

    BoltVM? Anyone have services with? Seems down.

    I have a VPS with BoltVM. It's up now and has been up continuously since June 3 (when the IP switch happened). Dunno 'bought their website :)
  20. sleddog

    WebHostingTalk Worst of the Hosting Industry

    Unbelievable. Do you slander everyone who disagrees with you?