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    DNS/VPN/VPS Related Domain Auction

    Auction ends 2014/02/11 @ 01:00 GMT. Whole dollar bids only please! Transfer or Push from Network Solutions. Buyer pays all Fees. This is NOT a bundle.
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    Are You Still Grunting Away or Gulping the Koolaid

    Noders, if you haven't made the transition from Grunt to gulp yet I strongly suggest you take a look. I've had massive speed increases (milliseconds & no lag) and I'm finding it easier to maintain; win-win. For example, approximately 10x speed up for the lib concatenation : $ gulp watch...
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    I guess DamnVPS/ThrustVPS got hacked

    Got this little gem this morning (haven't been a customer in a very long time); obviously the return address is NOT Damn/Thrust but watch out!
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    Uploaded.Net 48 Hour Premium Voucher - Free to a Good Home

    You fast or you last.
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    AR-Rift: Stereo camera rig and augmented reality showcase

    Star Trek Holodeck-esque :)
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    European npm Registry mirror

    npm latency getting you down? You need the European npm Registry mirror npm config set registry "" # profit Thank you and goodnight.