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    Comodo EV SSL - Cheap SSL Price

    $86/y if you buy two year here:
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    Need A rdp access windows vps server in 30$

    Check out
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    Softlayer comming to Norway (2016 Q4)

    Evry is partnering up with IBM to provide premium cloud services trough IBM's Softlayer platform. The long-time contract is worth 1 billion USD, so finaly a big player is opening shop in Norway! Sweden have Facebook, Danmark got Apple, Finland have Google, so Norway was missing a big player as...
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    Hyper-V Server, Guest OS Ubuntu, Network Problems

    Do your Ubuntu VM have 4GB+ memory? Can it be the same bug,in a newer kernel? -->   Try setting the ram to 2GB, and see..
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    How to get listing of new posts/content after upgrade?

    Try scrolling right.. I had to do that because of the ad on the top..
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    How to get listing of new posts/content after upgrade?

    Im logged in, but stil cant find any link to Now Content on my Android phone.. :-( 
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    Reliable Domain Registrar

    I use to register my domains.. Not the cheapest, not the best, but they are the largest .no registar by far.. Thats my "biggest problem" with the big international registars, no .no! And I've never had any problems with downtime or anything else with Domeneshop..
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    {Newbie} Starting up applications in windows without logon

    Start the application as a service:
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    If you like the old (v12) Opera, you should keep an eye on Vivaldi(.net). The old owner and founder of Opera is building a new browser, with some of the old features, a new poweruser browser..
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    ServeTheWorld KVM 2048MB (NO)

    Provider: ServeTheWorld Plan: KVM 2GB/50GB/2000GB VPS (Liten) Price: 129 NOK pr. month (25% off now a days, 96 NOK) without VAT. (129NOK = ~$17/€15) Location: Oslo, Norway Purchased: 02/2014     ServeTheWorld is one of the cheaper VPS providers in Norway. The VPS is located in one of the...
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    Server specs/security on billing panel

    Hi, I'm currently in the planning stage of starting a small "local" webshop, and I'm now trying to figure out what my hosting options are. I currently have a VPS from a local host, installed with VestaCP, hosting my own blog/websites, mail etc. all low traffic.. But, when it comes to running...
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    Ever wonder how network cabling span oceans? Pretty neat video.

    Seems they forgot about the nordic countries in Europe. :P Btw, more updated map, and more interactive:
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    Sever Status 3 Beta

    I ended up deleting all the files on my webserver, downloading the zip again, and setting it up, and got it running. I think maybe the server.list-file is where my fault was.. Can't remember that I edited that file the first time.. Now it seems to work fine: Alfa is a webserver running...
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    Sever Status 3 Beta

    Yes, I made the cronjobs, and corrected the paths in pinger and in trim, and even run the two files manually to see if any errors accured.. But maybe I messed something up somewhere.. I'll try setting it up from scratch after work.. Btw, in the install instructions, maybe you should/could...
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    Sever Status 3 Beta

    I tried setting the new beta up on a new vps (Debian7, Nginx+php5-fpm), but have some problems getting the json-files generated.. I get the files generated in cache/, but nothing in uptime/ .. Had to fix some paths to get rid off some php-errors, but now I got no errors, but still does not...
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    Android Phone Full Regular Backups "Automatically upload new pictures to the server" Looks like you found the solution yourself.. Or just use JottaCloud, Dropbox, etc.. if selfhosting isnt a must..
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    BuyVM announces Europe, Anycast IP's, Floating IP's, & Bandwidth pooling!

    Damn, just had to get me one of those 128MB in LU aswell.. Any ETA on offloaded SQL? Didnt see as a addon..
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    No shave November / Movember

    I'm going from a "Van Dyke" to a "Short Boxed Beard".. First time in 11 years I'm changing my beard.. :-0
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    Free Public DNS resolver list (public DNS servers)

    Powertech (Norwegian ISP) offers public DNS servers, both IPv4 and IPv6: 2001:840:0:100::1 2001:840:0:200::1 More (norwegian) info here: Maybe not the best alternative from around the world, but still works...