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  1. nunim

    Are SSL(HTTPS) Downloads Slower Than HTTP?

    Pretty much as topic says, Are SSL(HTTPS) file downloads slower than normal HTTP?  If so is there anything I can do to speed them up, or any sort of compression or something I should have enabled in NGINX ?
  2. nunim

    History of

    Level3 did this at some point, I made a thread on it actually: Does anyone know if L3 is still doing DNS redirect ?  I haven't touched since that thread as Google's public DNS does not pull any such shenanigans... Yet...
  3. nunim

    RDNS Requests

    I hate providers that force me to submit a ticket for RDNS, it's a waste of their time and mine. Very few of my VPS are used to send out emails, however they all have proper RDNS records.   Blocking port 25 isn't a bad idea, as long as you're willing to enable it upon request but you should...
  4. nunim

    Running a web based terminal (ssh)

    Although it's not written in PHP, you should look at GateOne. It's essentially a web-based SSH client, with all the features you need such as session resume, multiple sessions, key storage, favorites, etc. There's no automatic login to the localhost, if you wanted to access it you'd need to...
  5. nunim

    Pageant Not saving key

    I've been using MTPuTTY + KiTTY although I could probably get by with just regular PuTTY Although the above works perfectly for my needs, I really prefer Linux's LXTerminal but I'm forced to use Windows for work so.. =/
  6. nunim

    Running a lightweight GUI on your vps

    I still prefer 3.5 by a long shot as 4.x is an entirely different beast. Taken from the NoMachine download page: NoMachine NX Free Edition 3 users read here: The free NoMachine 4 is a new product aimed at a different use case. While NoMachine NX Free Edition 3 offered a free terminal server...
  7. nunim

    Favorite current Linux Desktop OS

    I've never serious tried Arch myself but I'd really prefer to stick with something Debian based, as I  :wub:  apt I really liked Crunchbang's status/shortcut bar, I realize that I can create something like that on any distro but it's was a nice pre-made feature. I'll probably end up sticking...
  8. nunim

    Favorite current Linux Desktop OS

    Any good alternatives to Crunchbang?  I was sad when I saw the news about stopping development. I've been using Xbuntu lately on my laptop but I miss crunchy :(  Mint was a bit bloated last time I had tried it, I'd rather have something lightweight/functional rather than pretty.
  9. nunim

    What are people using for domain registrations now?

    +1 for NameSilo, I've just finished moving the last of my domains over there. Free whois privacy + straightforward/cheap pricing. Never had to contact their support so I can't comment on that aspect.
  10. nunim

    Observium - Monitoring Server and Client Installation Tutorial

    Knowledge is power :)  The client setup is the annoying part so I felt it was best to automate that, although I do have a master install script that I should publish.. I think I made a VPSBoard post with the client setup script before.
  11. nunim

    Anyone Using / Hosting Plex?

    I've heard of it before but never used it personally. I don't really understand the purpose... Why use Plex? It seems to be an XBMC like player with a server component that supports transcoding, but pretty much everything plays MP4 these days, no? My remote media is currently stored on a...
  12. nunim

    You think your work at home job equals isolation, how about whole town in one building?

    I've been there as well, while Whittier itself was nothing special, Alaska was certainly amazing, at least as a typical urbanite.  If I remember, Whittier was the port where we met up with the Cruise ship, I'd spent the whole week prior in Alaska and then it was a one week cruise from Whittier...
  13. nunim

    Running a lightweight GUI on your vps

    Update:  There is a NoMachine client available for Android/iOS, it supports 3.5 and 4.0 and it works perfectly with my script with a little configuration on the client end. Android: APK - Google Play...
  14. nunim

    Ever wonder how network cabling span oceans? Pretty neat video.

    Neat video, I wish they showed more of the actual splicing. Did anyone else notice they're running XP in their "Transmission Room" ?
  15. nunim

    Secure Dragon's Wyvern gets its biggest update yet!

    The API usage would be nice but it's simple enough to install vnstat/vnstati and just generate a PNG of your bandwidth stats. +1 for Wyvern, best control panel out there right now.  I've used the migration feature a few times now and it's always worked out, I'm sure this has reduced your...
  16. nunim

    What's your favorite christmas movie and why is it "A Christmas Story" ?

    Christmas Vacation is our go-to Christmas Eve movie, can't go fucking with tradition.
  17. nunim

    Utility bills? Do they still exist?

    Pretty sure OVH asks for a utility bill to remove VAT for non-euro residents, however you're able to substitute something else. Almost all of my bills are electronic, I've begun moving my wife over to online payment for her cards and whatnot but she's old school in that area and likes to pay...
  18. nunim

    Managed cPanel VPS

    A decent managed cPanel VPS is going to cost you at least $30-40/mo as you'll want at least 2GB of ram for cPanel. They'll do pretty much everything for you, read the TOS carefully and ask about their 3rd party support.  Some hosts will do a best effort on 3rd party software, so refuse to...
  19. nunim

    Epidrive X Berry Servers - From $6/Year, Free IPv6, 50c IP - PHX, AZ

    I don't see the Datacenter listed in your post. How long have you been in business? The domain is hardly 2 months old: Creation Date: 2014-10-11T08:10:56.0Z 
  20. nunim

    1 gigabit per second internet connection?

    It's 1Gbps.... :o My brother recent moved to Seattle and was able to obtain 1Gbps symmetrical for around $70/mo with no bandwidth caps from a local ISP. Too bad the situation 2 hours north in Vancouver is not nearly as rosy, you're lucky to get 100Mbps here and of course there's a tiny...