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    What do YOU use to monitor your servers?

    Observium works well for us. We have modified it slightly to fit our needs a bit better. We utilize UptimeRobot for a secondary ping/port check which has worked to our needs so far. NodePing is also great!
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    Debian 6 or 7 Budget VPS?

    Yes, that tutorial listed above is easily THE BEST way to run a website on a LEB. Make sure you strip down any other software/apps you may have prior to following the tutorial.
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    Paypal IPN

    Have you edited the IPN address in PayPal? I believe there is something along the lines of that to be done. (a callback)
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    Preparations to run an IRCd daemon

    I don't think mitigation is needed if it's a personal IRC server. Maybe something simple like BuyVM or RamNode's mitigation would always be nice, but not needed IMO. My choices go for Unreal, InspIRCd, and Charybdis. It basically comes down to personal choice. You can have services and the...
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    Bus an train collide in Canada

    The bus' front end looks completely mangled! Very scary indeed.
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    Yet Another SolusVM Alternative: VPSM

    I recommend setting a public Github so people can assist with this. :)
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    Cheap Dedicated Server

    Those are actually really great network speeds, especially to Singapore/Japan. Would like to see how long it lasts like that.
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    Never use this of hosting company

    It is surprising CNS still runs their site directly off WHMCS. They are good at what they do though so can't complain.
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    What's for Lunch?

    Off to Subway for me! Hah
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    Cheap Dedicated Server

    RSNET-John has ARM-based servers available for $19/mo. Like I said, it is hard to find what you are looking for in the quoted price range. Quad Core Samsung Cortex-A9 (4 x 1.7 Ghz) 2 GB RAM 250 GB HDD or 64 GB SSD 100 Mbps Dedicated...
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    Cheap Dedicated Server Only 2GB RAM but you don't get everything! $15/mo
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    Looking for 8GB or 16GB Dedicated Server

    Sent off a message!
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    [US] 365Networks DirectAdmin Specials! ★ Starting at $1.50/mo ★ Free domain promo! ★ Bitcoin accepte

    Hello, We ensure that all DMCA complaints are fully legal and issued by the proper persons, while we do discard most online DMCAs if the content complies with our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. If objecting content is found, a warning will be issued before the client suspended and...
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    Server management system

    By the way, if you are installing the fabric pip package, you will need python2.7-dev, gcc, and some other packages you can easily get from apt-get
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    Server management system

    I assume the automatic installer isn't quite ready yet? I am installing manually now.
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    Server management system

    This looks great and I really love the fact that is it open source! Hell yea!
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    Best free or cheap (one time payment) billing & support systems?

    BoxBilling is easily the best free billing/support system out right now. Next in line would be TheHostingTool, rarely updated (last time I checked), however it is fully functional and does accept PayPal payments.
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    Best support system / live help system ?

    Was thinking earlier about Kayako and what other options there are what is everyone out there using and how does it work for you?
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    Linux VPS cheat sheet. Linux commands for CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu/Debian

    iptables drop an IP address: iptables -A INPUT -s ADDRESSHERE -j DROP