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  1. Marc M.

    Pre Black Friday Sale - SSD Cached Xen VPS - Starting at $7/mo. for 512MB/20GB RAID 10 SSD/4 Cores -

    We are excited to present our Pre Black Friday sale on! Bellow are our SSD Cached VPS packages and the coupon codes are located next to each package. For any other hosting package found on our web site you can use promo code pbf25off in order to receive a 25% discount for life...
  2. Marc M.

    For Sale: XenForo 1.2 License + Resources Module + Artodia Black Responsive Skin - $179 (worth $239)

    I have wanted to start a forum for a while, however I don't have the time to do so. I have purchased a XenForo license a little while ago, the Resource Manager Module and the Artodia Black Responsive Skin (one of the best, if not the best XenForo skin out there). This is how the package breaks...
  3. Marc M.

    2 Years Prepaid CloudNS Premium Account For Sale - $30.00

    I have a CloudNS ( Premium Account for sale that has been prepaid for 2 years and allows the user unlimited zones, unlimited queries, vanity NS, 8 premium domain name servers and 4 free domain name servers scattered all around the world. The account is paid for until May 1st, 2015...
  4. Marc M.

    SSD Cached Xen VPS Servers - Starting at $7/mo. for 512MB/20GB RAID 10 SSD/4 Cores - Up to 8GB/320GB

    We are excited to present our first offer on! Instead of offering something from our regular VPS packages, we wanted to hold out until our new Dual Xeon E5 nodes with SSD caching were ready for release. Each Dual Xeon E5 node has the following specifications: Dual Intel Xeon E5...
  5. Marc M.

    HostBill Price Increase $599.95 -> $999.95

    Well, when almost everyone thought that things settled down and HostBill pricing was finally locked in, there you have it, another price increase today. It went from $599.95 to $999.95 for a owned unbranded license. For a while I was even looking for a used license (I had a branded one last...
  6. Marc M.

    LSI Firmware Upgrade v. 5.7 released - important bug fixes

    LSI has just release an update for their MegaRaid Firmware. It is version 5.7. It contains two critical bug fixes: Bug Fixes and Enhancements: =========================== FIRMWARE: SCGCQ00454557 - Virtual drive configurations go missing during firmware upgrade from 5.3 to 5.7, while running...
  7. Marc M.

    SolusVM 1.13.09/1.14.00 R9 Update Released!

    From the looks of it the external audit has not started yet, as another update has been released. IMHO they are giving the code a thorough look. I hope that whatever they are doing is right so that we won't have to face situations like these again in the future.
  8. Marc M.

    Vote for your favorite graphics chip manufacturer

    I thought that it would be interesting to see how the members of this community would vote on this :) - I have tried to get the most relevant manufacturers that are left in this industry on that list, however if I've left someone out I am sorry.
  9. Marc M.

    When was the last time you saw one of these from Solus?

    Obviously I am not going to post the entire change log from Virtualizer 2.3.1, however they seem to react fast to security related issues and they do give credit where credit is due: You can read the entire thing here:
  10. Marc M.

    Just received this on Skype from Nick @ RamNode

    [7:20:11 PM] ServerCrate+RamNode: Hi! I'd like to announce that servercrate and ramnode have merged. In a couple of days all of ramnodes VPSes will be transferred to avante hostings premium high speed network. -Robert Clarke CEO of ServerCrate and RamNode (Sorry if you received this message...
  11. Marc M.

    Phoenix RPM repository updated with new packages Nginx Naxsi 1.2 & 1.4, PHP 5.3 & 5.4, Xen 4.1 XSA-5

    Many of you run CentOS 6 or one of the RHEL 6 clones (e.g. Scientific Linux 6). Looks like June has been so far a "fun" month and security issues have all but plagued the hosting industry. I am of the opinion that I should secure my nodes and customers and not just sit around for the next...
  12. Marc M.

    HUGE PACKAGE! - XenForo License + Resource Manager Module + Awesome XenForo Style + 8 Domain Names |

    For a long time now I have toyed with the idea of creating either a hosting forum or a forum for geeky - computer - related stuff. For one, I simply can't allocate any time to do it, and the other thing is that vpsBoard has grown substantially and it's simply a great place to be a part of, so...
  13. Marc M.

    Cool Hosting Related Domains - ends in .io, .ch, .com, .net, .org and .info

    This is not an auction, just a "buy it now" type of listing. hostingwat (_dot_) ch - BIN $25 - Registrar, expires 04/30/2014 Thank you for checking this out.
  14. Marc M.

    LowEndTalkin' is back - this time we did it right

    Looking at how many community members from LET miss the old LET and what it used to be, a week ago I've tried to quickly set up LowEndTalkin'. Of course, it was a rushed job so it didn't work right and I took it down. So I started from scratch and with one of my coworkers we've set up...
  15. Marc M.

    LowEndTalkin' - LET is back - sort off - check it out!

    Alright, so after some thinking and thinkering I've set up LowEndTalkin' for the folks who miss the layout of LET and Vanilla Forums. You can check it out here: Who's running this? Well me, MannDude (who's also running this forum), Jarland, Nick_A, KBeezie and MitGib...