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  1. ChrisM

    Finally a Large SolusVM update! Bug Fixes and More!

    I believe this is the largest in several years.
  2. ChrisM

    Happy Brexit 1776!

    I would like to wish Everyone have a Happy and safe 4th of July!
  3. ChrisM

    Weekly Email needs to be centered

    Looks like the weekly top posts email is all off to the left.
  4. ChrisM

    Best 144hz gaming Monitor for around/under $300

    Hey! Anyone got any suggestions for a 144hz Gaming monitor that is around or under $300? Amazon preferred. :)
  5. ChrisM

    Happy Birthday Raindog308

    Hey! I seen today on another forum it is our Moderators Raindog308's Birthday. It may be starting to get late in the day but lets all wish Raindog308 a happy birthday!
  6. ChrisM

    Happy New Years! 2017!

    Hello!First of all Thank you all for a wonderful 2016! I would like to wish a Happy New Years to everyone around the globe!May 2017 be the year that your favorite Celebrity survives! Thanks!
  7. ChrisM

    Happy Independence day America! (4th of July!)

    If you are one of my Fellow Americans Happy Independence day! Just a reminder use your head and stay safe everyone!
  8. ChrisM

    Any Trekkies on here? The Star Trek Beyond - Trailer is out!

    The Trailer for The Star Trek - Beyond is out and will be in theaters July 22nd. It looks pretty cool and once again it looks like they destroy another enterprise.
  9. ChrisM

    Soo I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at KnownHost! :)

    So.. Long story short I moved to Birmingham, Alabama from my house Eastlake, Michigan nearly 2 months ago now. You might wonder why, like omg why would you move away from the lovely state of Michigan with all their cold weather and snow./s @KnownHost-Jonathan offered a position at KnownHost to...
  10. ChrisM

    Happy Independence day America! (4th of July!)

    I know I posted this a day early but are you doing for Independence day? Just a reminder use your head and stay safe everyone!
  11. ChrisM

    Happy 27th Birthday MannDude!

    I would like to wish @MannDude a Happy 27th Birthday! Thanks for the Great Forum and all the work you have put into it! I HOPE YOU HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  12. ChrisM

    Getting spammed by Zamfoo?

    Even though I haven't used Zamfoo in years 20 minutes ago I started getting a bunch of ticket opened ticket requests and feedback requests from [email protected] Anyone else getting these?
  13. ChrisM

    Thrust VPS out of business!

    Looks like has thrusted into the ground As per their website: "It's a sad day today, but unfortunately it's time for ThrustVPS to end. It's been a great run and we've enjoyed working with the wide variety of customers we've had over the past 5 years. While we're...
  14. ChrisM

    Chris Miller -- Seeking Full Time Position at a web hosting company (7 YEARS of industry experience!

    Hello vpsBoard Family! My name is Chris Miller and I am currently seeking a full-time job position for a web hosting company. Having served as the CEO and founder of FTNHosting for over 5 years (company has since been sold), I am familiar with all aspects of running a busy and successful...
  15. ChrisM

    Lizard Squad launches Tor 0day

    If you are a Tor user it might be a good idea to pay attention to this.
  16. ChrisM

    The Pirate Bay Raided By Police, Site Down

    Looks like TPB was raided again. No doubt it will come back up as it always does. But is this signs of a possible end of TPB? Ref:
  17. ChrisM

    iPhone 6* & Apple Watch Discussion!

    With the apple event now less then 10 hours away what do you think the future will hold for the *iPhone 6? Will you be buying one? (I will) You can watch the live steam here: I might be a little over prepared. 
  18. ChrisM


    Lesson for everyone! Don't let your users pirate porn! Ref:
  19. ChrisM Los Angeles! OnApp KVM CLOUD starting at $2.48/Month for the first 3 months!

    Hello! Virtua Realm L.L.C of Michigan is proud to announce 3 months 50% off on cloud services on 512MB Memory 1 Core Processor 20GB DiskSpace 1TB Transfer 1 IP Address Located in Los Angeles, California FREE BACKUPS INSTANT SETUP 3 months 50% off! ORDER NOW! Coupon...