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  1. elohkcalb

    Hostigation down?

    Anyone experiencing difficulties in reaching the hostigation website? There appears to be massive packet losses from the traceroute result.
  2. elohkcalb

    What happen to ShardHost?

    Saw this posted on LET and received the email too. Anyone know what happen to them?
  3. elohkcalb

    Kernel update without reboot?

    Read this the other day, has anyone tried it before on production?
  4. elohkcalb

    Spam/Replica Friendly Providers?

    Keep getting their promotional emails, and then I did some checks on where the emails were blasted and where the sites were hosted. The owner with the email address ([email protected]) holds quite a number of domains, including but not limited to,
  5. elohkcalb

    Adaptec RAID Card with Lost SN and WWN

    Tried to upgrade the firmware of a 5405Z the other day using arcconf. The upgrade failed, and that leaves me with a card that refused to show up on the boot screen. I then tried to do the upgrade using mode 0, but received a complaint instead, saying firmware I have on the USB drive doesn't...
  6. elohkcalb

    HighPoint RocketCache 3240x8/3244x8

    Does anyone have any experience in using these cards from Highpoint? It looks interesting, reviews look good on desktop, and most importantly it's not tagged with a sky-high price. Now what I'm not sure is whether they are suitable to be installed on a server that runs a couple of virtual...