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    Using nDPI to block torrent?

    Hey folks, does anyone know how to use nDPI to effectively block non-encrypted torrents? Duckduckgo and Google gave me no useful results. Their user guide is pretty much useless. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you. :)

    Fedora 23 released!

    Fedora 23 has been released with pretty neat features. Changes include Two Week Atomic, "Disable SSL3 and RC4 by default" and many more. It seems like Fedora is moving towards being a very "cloud friendly" (Extensive Docker support since previous releases). What do you guys think? Also...

    Stop Bitcoin license

    So recently, there's been a bill put up for passing and this virtual currency bill is terrible. Govt organisations are starting to try to centralise the decentralised virtual cryptocurrencies by forcing Bitcoin companies to do lots of paperwork shit. This bill is a major threat to innovation...

    The Open Organization

    So Jim Whiteburst, the CEO of Redhat, published this book, The Open Organization, in June 2015. Didn't knew about it until a few days ago. It's basically about his journey of joining Redhat and the general life at Redhat; how fast paced and innovative businesses should be managed - the open way...

    G2 Crowd publishes Fall 2015 rankings of the best PaaS tools

    Read more: TL:DR; Azure is the "best" cloud in summer 2015. Last year they had a lesser than 95% uptime but this year they were ranked as the top leaders. Used to use Azure and find that it has many tools, just...

    Windows10 IoT Core Public Release

    Got this email in my inbox today: TL:DR, Windoze 10 IoT is released for RP2 and there's a RP2 home automation contest that requires the use of Windoze 10 IoT. For those participating, good luck and hack on! :)

    Summer just started... Cortex Networks scam

    So I just received a summerhost proposal from one of the summerhosts who wants to hire me as CTO and wants me to invest into his company. WHOIS is private, he has already invested $200 into his own "business", shit tier English, didn't bother to find out my real name, copy and paste email...

    Fedora 23 Alpha release set for Tuesday

    Hi all, Seems like Fedora 23 Alpha release is set to release on this coming Tuesday, 11 August 2015. The feature I look most forward to is Layered Docker Image Build Service, very excite! What's the feature you look forward to?

    SPAM from

    Hi guys,    So I've been spammed by a host named IAreaNet, in this email, they are advertising some cloud services, etc. I did not sign up for their mailing list and there was no opt-out option either. Not that this isn't an uncommon practice but the purpose of this thread is to expose their...

    Sales and L2 Support

    Howdy friends of VPSBoard! My name is Huiren and I am currently seeking an internship attachment for the web/VPS hosting industry.  I have had 2 years of experience with LoomHosts as a tech support and web developer, dealing with a wide range of things like tracing abuses, developing WHMCS...

    VPS provider with good connectivity to CN

    Hi everyone,  I'm looking for a VPS provider who provides good connectivity to China region. The VPS will be used for VPN - transversing China traffic to the outside world.  Preferably HK or JP or any locations geographically located near China and has good connectivity to China Telecom. (AWS...

    NeverForget app

    Hey all,  This is a Google Play store reminder app that I've created, its called NeverForget. Basically, it helps remind the elderly to take their medication, go for their medical appointments and also keeps track of some of their medical information such as allergies.   Hope you guys find it...

    Cloudshards Experience

    Hey all,  So it has almost been a year since I have been with Cloudshards. So here's my experience with them:  I've heard a lot of good things about Cloudshards and the prices are really amazing so I decided to spin up a 2GB OpenVZ with them on 27/03/2014. As of now, I have 2 VPS with...

    Free RIPE Atlas credits

    So I've got some unused RIPE Atlas credits and I'm wondering if any of you need them.  Drop me a PM of your email address and I'll send you some. 

    Microsoft vulnerabilities

    So it seems like Microsoft had some vulnerabilities that were undiscovered for years. In particular, MS14-070 and MS14-071. You guys might want to update your Microsoft servers and Windows computers. Source...

    Free humble bundle

    I like EFF, so I purchased some humble bundles. Have fun and remember to support EFF:

    RHEL 7 Its finally here. rhelel

    check subnet RBL listing?

    Hello, I know its possible to check IP addresses against RBLs individually through PHP scripts. (using checkdnsrr against the RBLs) I was thinking of using a method to list all the IP in the range of the subnet but its a bit of a headache and will cause quite some overhead. Does anyone here...

    Water is a precious resource

    We should steal those hellfire missiles killing civilians in Iraq and use it to bomb the water pipes to NSA's datacenter.

    Revolutionising the game industry

    Yo, I need your input on an idea to revolutionize the video game industry: A website/app/hub that’ll connect the entire gaming world together, so all gamers can easily play games with each other, by discovering which multiplayer matches are available for all video games. Rather than inserting a...