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  1. Amitz

    ChicagoVPS now officially bought by ColoCrossing.

    Have fun with the "news"... ;-)
  2. Amitz

    Correct filesystem to sync OS X machine with Debian server?

    Dear all, I had the plan to use a spare storage VPS as backup space for my OS X machine at home. The idea was to mount the filesystem of the VPS via ssh using ExpanDrive and to sync the data on a daily basis with ChronoSync. I was not too happy with all self-hosted "Cloud-Solutions" like...
  3. Amitz

    XenPower (Prometeus) has some nice new offers...

    Dear all, Posted it on LET and thought it would be just right here too: I just stumbled across the facelifted XenPower site and saw some real nice (new to me) offers for great storage VPS (and surely other purposes): (Italy) €3.95/month 1 vCPU 1GB RAM 200GB Disk space...
  4. Amitz

    Packet drops on OpenVZ VM - What might be the reason

    Dear all, I have rented a cheap dedicated server just to install Proxmox and to learn some things (just for the fun, no upcoming summer host :lol: ). Everything works fine so far, I have started up a OpenVZ container which seems to perform great. But: On the hostnode, I have installed munin...
  5. Amitz

    How to have serveral IPv6 VMs behind 1 IPv4 with Proxmox?

    Dear all, I have a server with that comes with 1 IPv4 and a /48 of IPv6. I thought that it would be nice to install Proxmox on the server and to create several VMs for private use with a IPv6 assigned to each. Please note that this is just for private/hobby purposes. What I now...
  6. Amitz

    Is that a normal iowait level for spinning disks?

    Dear all, I thought I try my luck here too: I have moved a busy website from a SSD VPS (Xen) to a dedicated server with two 7.2k spinning disks in Hardware RAID-1. My munin graphs of the CPU load on the new server shows quite an amount of iowait: I ran into other limits with the VPS, but I...
  7. Amitz

    Please help me: VestaCP - Cannot get outgoing mail to work with an external client

    Dear all, I was seeking a free Control Panel for some friends that I host on a VPS and came across VestaCP. I must say that I generally like it very much. Especially that it comes with with nginx included and that it is so reduced and simple. BUT: I am getting crazy trying to get eMail to...
  8. Amitz

    Seeking recommendation for unmetered VPS

    Dear all, I am seeking your recommendation for an unmetered VPS with the following specs: 1 shared CPU core 256-512 MB RAM 20 GB Disk Space unmetered bandwidth on a shared 1 Gbps port Uptime does not have to be perfect, but reasonably reliable. Neither does Location matter for the moment...
  9. Amitz

    Poor man's load balancing / geo-based forwarding - Need some hints.

    Dear all, I would like to install something that I would call "Poor man's load balancing / geo-based forwarding" and would appreciate your hints. Here is the idea: I have a site that has an equal amount of visitors from the EU and America (The continent, not the country). I would like to run...
  10. Amitz

    New Hetzner Server Lineup

    Dear all, it seems as if Hetzner has released a new server line E3-1270v3 and E5-1650v2 with nice prices and drive options... Tempting... ;-) Muuuuust reeesist.
  11. Amitz

    How do I create an .openvpn file?

    Dear all, I have installed OpenVPN on one of my idle VPS servers using Nyr's nice script: That script generates a username.tar.gz file containing the following files: username.conf username.crt username.key ca.cert I would like to provide access to...
  12. Amitz

    Need your advice installing Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro

    Dear all, I have an 'older' (3-4 years or so) Macbook Pro laying around here. It has an outdated OS X version on it and I thought about installing Ubuntu rather than updating to a newer OS X Version. I cannot do this install via a CD or DVD because the drive in the Macbook Pro is broken. So I...
  13. Amitz

    Any experiences with

    Dear all, I might be in need of a cheap but reliable dedicated server in Italy soon. Some hours ago, I came across a provider in Milan, called Some of their offers would perfectly fit my budget and needs. I just wonder: Can anyone tell me something about...
  14. Amitz

    Anyone ever tried iRedmail for own Mail Server Setup?

    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone of you ever tried as a personal Mail Server Solution instead of installing and configuring everything by hand? I would highly appreciate your opinions and experiences! Kind regards -A
  15. Amitz

    KVM - lower Disk IO in VM than on Host itself. Why?

    Dear all, a friend of mine is running KVM Virtualization on his server and told me that unpacking a large archive took him 9s on the Host System itself and 49s on a KVM (12GB RAM, virtio, 3 CPUs) on that same Host System. That seems strange to me and I remember from previous discussions that I...
  16. Amitz

    Having problems with cPanel and AWStats generation - Can somebody help?

    Dear all, I have a cPanel server and - all of the sudden - AWStats stopped generating stats for users. Well, to be more precise: It seems as if it still generates them but with 0 visitors, 0 pageviews, 0 hits and so on. It seems as if the server has stopped generating logs that AWStats could...
  17. Amitz

    Your backup/storage VPS recommendations in the EU?

    Howdy fellows, I am looking for your recommendation concerning reliable storage/backup VPS providers in the EU. Specs: 256+ MB RAM 60+ GB RAID-HDD 100mbps+ Port 200 GB+ Traffic Virtualization could be OpenVZ, Xen, KVM. I would prefer every location that is NOT in the UK for...
  18. Amitz

    Could you please do a traceroute for me?

    Howdy! May I be so keen to ask you guys for a favour? I am looking for traceroutes from as many locations as possible to this IP: Please kindly post your results here! Thank you very much in advance... Kind regards -Amitz P.S.: Don't be confused: I have posted the...
  19. Amitz

    nginx - Redirect visitors based on IP-List

    Dear all, does anyone have an idea how to achieve the following: I want nginx to redirect all visitors with an IP listed in CSF's deny list to a certain page. That deny list, for those unfamiliar with CSF, is just a text file with banned IPs, one per line. I am aware that I can use CSF...
  20. Amitz

    Digital Ocean - IP4 in Amsterdam available again.

    I have just received this eMail: