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  1. nunim

    Are SSL(HTTPS) Downloads Slower Than HTTP?

    Pretty much as topic says, Are SSL(HTTPS) file downloads slower than normal HTTP?  If so is there anything I can do to speed them up, or any sort of compression or something I should have enabled in NGINX ?
  2. nunim

    OpenVPN IPv6 Tunnel

    Has anyone setup an IPv6 tunnel with OpenVPN?  The tutorials on the internet are outdated and confusing since OVPN did not have official IPv6 support until recently.  I'm trying to use OpensVPN as an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel with a Debian/Ubuntu host and a Windows client.  I was using TunnelBroker...
  3. nunim

    Level3 Public DNS Servers - Search Engine Redirect

    Does anyone use Level3's public DNS? I've been using them forever because they were always better then ISP default servers.  I know a lot of people are using Google's DNS now but I've found Level3 had a better latency in most cases, and since I've been using them for years, I...
  4. nunim

    [BETA] SonicDNS - US DNS Unblocking Service

    Hello fellow VPSboarders! I'm sure you're all familiar with the DNS unblocking services such as UnBlock-US, Unotelly, Tunlr, etc..  Well I've recently moved to Canada and am missing my great US online content, I also didn't think it worth paying $5 a month for so I've decided to create my own...
  5. nunim

    Need a Level 1 or 2 Tech? Hire Me Now!

    The FL job market is pretty awful, and since I'm trying to save money to finance a move to Canada I figured why not give my friends at VPSBoard the chance to hire me. I'm an experienced tech, who's familiar with industry standard support software (WHMCS, Kayako, etc..), extremely technically...
  6. nunim

    How to Setup Google-Authenticator

    This is a simple tutorial to show you how to setup 2 factor authentication on your VPS with the Google-authenticator app for Android, iOS & FireFox Addon Easy Install Script - Debian/Ubuntu  wget chmod 755 ./ You're all done, just...
  7. nunim

    Cheapest Dedis With KVM Support

    I've been scouring around the internet and I'm trying to find a nice cheap dedi with VT-X support so I can run Proxmox.  I'd hope for IPv6 but IPv4 only is possible, bandwidth and hdd aren't my biggest concerns but should be adequate.  Any suggestions?  OVH's that support virtualization would be...
  8. nunim

    Offers Section - Verified & Not

    I have noticed the creation of the "non-verified" offers section, I don't understand this reasoning.  If you want to make the rule that you must be a verified business to post an offer I don't understand why are non-verified offers being public listed, especially while not-logged in/google...