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  1. noen

    Softlayer comming to Norway (2016 Q4)

    Evry is partnering up with IBM to provide premium cloud services trough IBM's Softlayer platform. The long-time contract is worth 1 billion USD, so finaly a big player is opening shop in Norway! Sweden have Facebook, Danmark got Apple, Finland have Google, so Norway was missing a big player as...
  2. noen

    ServeTheWorld KVM 2048MB (NO)

    Provider: ServeTheWorld Plan: KVM 2GB/50GB/2000GB VPS (Liten) Price: 129 NOK pr. month (25% off now a days, 96 NOK) without VAT. (129NOK = ~$17/€15) Location: Oslo, Norway Purchased: 02/2014     ServeTheWorld is one of the cheaper VPS providers in Norway. The VPS is located in one of the...
  3. noen

    Server specs/security on billing panel

    Hi, I'm currently in the planning stage of starting a small "local" webshop, and I'm now trying to figure out what my hosting options are. I currently have a VPS from a local host, installed with VestaCP, hosting my own blog/websites, mail etc. all low traffic.. But, when it comes to running...