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    Free Stuff!

     I really need to clear my house of some of my computer junk. Im giving away items you just pay for the shipping to your location in the US only. Just pm your location and figure out how much postage is going to be. First come first serve. Yes I'll be shipping from Livingston, TX.  Giving away...
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    LA and FL KVM | Dallas OpenVZ | Tactical VPS

    3 gig KVM in LA or FL 3 gigs of ram 100 gigs of HDD 1 ip4 1000 gigs of bw @ 100 mbits $7.00 Florida: LA: 1 gig KVM in LA or FL 1 gig of ram 30 gigs of HDD 1 ip4 900 gigs...
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    Specials | Tactical VPS | KVM in Jacksonville, FL and Los Angeles, CA

    Tactical VPS      128 Yearly Special in Jacksonville, FL for $7.00 a yr   128 megs of ram 10 gigs of disk space 1 ip4 200 gigs of b/w @ 100 mbits   256 Yearly Special in Jacksonville, FL for $15.00 a yr   256 megs of ram 10 gigs of...
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    Master and Slave Connection SolusVM

    I was wondering if any has came up with a problem where the master and slave were not communicating with each other? Everything in the settings look correct firewall rules are correct.  Yes i tried google also for a answer also and solusvm. Which they don't have a clue. I also like to thank...
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    Tactical VPS | KVM in Jacksonville, FL | Just come on and attack!

                                                                                             Tactical VPS       Tactical VPS is offering KVM based VPS's out of Jacksonville, FL. We are utilizing Server Complete's facility @  800 Water St.                                                            ...
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    Anyone heard or use WEBNX?

    Just wondering if anyone has used or heard of webnx?
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    Looking for a job!

          I thought about giving this another try. I just looking for some kind of part time work or full time work. I have over 15yrs of administering Linux and UNIX like systems. I am also have a few certs from Microsoft in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Currently working on my B.S. in Information...
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    vps with whmcs

    Alright looking if anyone can throw togethor a package 512meg kvm or xen  50 gigs hdd  2tb bw whmcs 1 ip
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    Greenvaluehost VPS

    Well i am reviewing their last offer they did post here in the offer section. CPU model :  Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz Number of cores : 4 CPU frequency :  1600.000 MHz Total amount of ram : 1024 MB Total amount of swap : 512 MB System uptime :   1 day, 5:33, Download speed from...
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    Cores and threads

      I have a dumb question. I did some reading when a provider advertise they have 8 available cpus but really they list there cpu they use on there server like a xeon e3-1240 for example. Really the cpu has 4 cores and 8 threads. Can you count threads as cpus? I always thought that the threads...
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    VPS Sponsorship!

    I was wondering if some will sponsor me a vps! In return i will do nothing for it but download old pron! Please i need my fix of pron. I need a sponsor for a vps!  Just a joke!
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    houston servers

    I was wondering if anyone would rent a dedicated server in level 3's data center in Houston tx? I was looking at pricing of  60 dollars for:  dual 5420 24 gigs ram 2x500 soft raid 1 100mbits un metered.
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    Gaming machine for sale

     I have a slightly used gaming machine for sale for 700 dollars. The specs as follows: AMD FX6300 AsRock 970fx extreme 4 MB Crucial Ballistic sport 16gig ddr3 1600 ram Samsung 120gig 840 sad 2 EVGA Nvidia Gtx 560ti in sli Cosair H 50 watercolor push/pull configuration Coolmax modular psu...
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    Pimping out the old rascal mobility chair

    I saw this pic and I want to pimp out my rascal moblity chair! Hahaha
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    Anyone wanna hire a disabled vet or have a internship?

    Anyone need any tech support help or have a internship. Im a disabled vet and just trying to find something to occupy my time. I don't have to be paided i just need something to do.I just want something to put on my resume. Nothing is going on in this po dunk town i live in texas. I currently...