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  1. sv01

    another update another broken link

    What's going on vpsboard? 1st update link to latest post gone (few week/month ago) 2nd update link to /activity gone (few day ago) replaced with discovery content, when you use mobile to browsing vpsboard you'll know how hard to find latest post, do you really need to change URL every time...
  2. sv01

    Special offer from XFuse Solutions -_-"

    I've unsubscribe from GVH before, but they still has my email :D Good Job Dear Clients, You still have 4 days to cash in on our April Specials! The offer expires on April 15th! Order a minimum of $75 & pay by Bitcoin and recieve $25 in free credit. This is $25 for every $75 that you spend in...
  3. sv01

    Hidden Gift from AFNIC

    just whois any .fr or .re domain whois [Querying] [] %%                                       *    .        *     * %% This is the AFNIC Whois server.  *          .   .  /.\      . %%                                         .         /.^'\  * %% complete date...
  4. sv01

    Register your own .ovh domain

    In the beginning, having your own extension to bring your communities together and making your mark on the root zone of the internet was just a dream. In actual fact, it all started with an April Fool's prank in 2009, when Octave Klaba (OVH founder and CEO) announced the creation of the .ovh...
  5. sv01

    Free Google Domain Invitation [US Only]

    I've google domain invitation, but because I'm outside US I can't use these invitaion, I'll send to someone here I'll pick random (sorry) Hello, You requested to join the Google Domains invite-only beta and today we’re excited to offer you an invitation to join. To thank you for your...
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    Namecheap $5.88 Register & $3.88 Transfer

    Check it your self Namecheap supports fight for the future Fight for the Future is a nonprofit working to expand the internet's power for good. Namecheap is working with them to help save Net Neutrality. For every domain that is transferred or registered using...
  7. sv01

    New OVH North American DC +1
  8. sv01

    LeaseWeb Opens Data Center in Singapore

    Singapore, July 22, 2014 – LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting brands, with more than 60,000 physical servers under management, is expanding its data center reach into Asia. Its newly established subsidiary, LeaseWeb Asia Pacific, today announced that it has launched a data center...
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    List of Free Email Hosting with Custom Domain

    If you want to host your own mail server then follow tutorial written by wlanboy. 1. Yandex 1,000 mail accounts. Server location Russia 2. Zoho 5 email account. Server location - 3. 1000 mail account 4. Mrmail 1GB mailbox! 50MB attachments! Full Webmail access All Zimbra...
  10. sv01

    Mothership1 $50 Promo

    Here we go these promocode still valid. I create my account 4 hours ago, and got verification email in a minute.
  11. sv01

    $50 Linode Promotional Credit

    Linode Coupon code BOOTSTRAPPEDFM To get these $50 promotional credit add atleast $5 to your linode account. CC (Credit Card) only. my referral code : d3048ee2f16873f91407b67e2ff2bf2513100a93 $50 enough for 5 month service at Linode (Linode 1024) Only $1/month for real. LOL  
  12. sv01

    Virtuavps another summer host?

    Another pet company ??? ColoCrossing, Buffalo, NY, USA Test IPv4: @coreyman Update Date: 2014-02-01 20:11:38 Creation Date: 2014-02-01 20:11:38 Registrar Registration Expiration...
  13. sv01

    Finally IPv6 for All DO Droplet Singapore DC

    For new droplet  for old droplet :)
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    Curtis G Arrested

    A 16-year-old male from Ottawa, Canada has been arrested for allegedly making at least 30 fraudulent calls to emergency services across North America over the past few months. The false alarms — two of which targeted this reporter — involved calling in phony bomb threats and multiple attempts at...
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    Please be advised that as of 1 May 2014, Namecheap, Inc. (“Namecheap”) is in breach of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (“RAA”) with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) dated 18 March 2011 (“RAA”)...
  16. sv01

    RDNS Problem with Digitalocean

    Today I check PTR of my IP $ host ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached I've check from various online tools, all show same result. No PTR record for that IP anyone else have similiar problem? [these IP resolve to my domain before]
  17. sv01

    Databasebydesign Failed

    Yesterday I got email (auto generate mail) Hello xxxxxxxx, Our records show that we have not yet recieved any payment on the invoice listed below. You can view this invoice and make payment using the following link. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues making payment...
  18. sv01

    New website

    Love the new website. Let's see if they willing to release Winamp for Linux under new management, and improve shoutcast. atmlink to download Shoutcast broken, can't purchase new license to stream MP3
  19. sv01

    Web based IPv4/IPv6 address management maybe some of us need such tools :)
  20. sv01

    vpsBoard Mobile version

    Broken vpsboard on mobile :( please fix mobile version ;(