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    50% OFF SSD cPanel Hosting in OSLO, NORWAY / Free SSL / Litespeed / Network Security / $0.63 ONLY

    XHOSTFIRE LLC CURRENT PROMOTION: GET50OFF USE COUPON TO TAKE 50% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE Services provided: FREE transfer from your old hosting account (cPanel, Plesk or manual transfers possible) Monitoring and basic script setup for your site. Key features of the...
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    cPanel Hosting in NORWAY / SSD / Litespeed / Custom PHP / Anti-DDoS / IPv6 / 50% OFF - from $1 ONLY!

    XHOSTFIRE LLC CURRENT PROMOTION: GET50OFF USE COUPON TO TAKE 50% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE Services provided: FREE transfer from your old hosting account (cPanel, Plesk or manual transfers possible) Monitoring and basic script setup for your site. Key features of the...
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    KVM VIRTUAL SERVERS in Oslo, Norway / Anti-DDoS / DDR4 / IPv6 / RAID 10 / 25% OFF SALE

    XHOSTFIRE LLC USE COUPON: NORDIC to get 25% OFF LISTED PRICING FOR THE LIFETIME OF YOUR SERVICE! We're delighted to provide virtual machines in Oslo, Norway! What differentiates us from the crowd? +Latest infrastructure – Our hypervisors are powered by E3 v6 (Kaby...
  4. I | VIRTUAL SERVERS in Espoo, FINLAND and HUNGARY | FREE IPv6 | From $7 / 25% OFF SALE!

    XHostFire LLC RIGHT NOW, WE ARE OFFERING A 25% DISCOUNT! USE PROMO: GET25OFF We have just deployed our Finnish location! :) Why should you have a server presence in Finland? Personal sites and development Hosting and app processing. VPNs...
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    XHOSTFIRE.COM | DDoS Protected VIRTUAL MACHINES | Dallas, Sweden, Siberia and Russia | 25% OFF SALE

    XHostFire DDoS Protected Hosting Solutions USE PROMO GET25OFF FOR 25% OFF DISCOUNT! We introducing a new range of virtual servers in Texas America. Hardware is owned by us and we are colocating at Psychz Dallas! All virtual machines have 20Gbps DDoS protection...
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    XHOSTFIRE was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing quality and resilient hosting services. CURRENT PROMOTION: WHT20HU USE COUPON TO TAKE 20% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE Why choose hosting in Belarus? -    To target visitors in Eastern Asia -    Target...
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    - XHOSTFIRE.COM - cPanel Hosting in Hungary - 80Gbps Anti-DDoS - Cloud/SSD - 20% OFF!

    XHostFire Hosting Solutions  XHostFire was founded in 2011 and has been providing various hosting services since. We are a small group of IT professionals with a vision to build an unique platform. We also also certified CloudFlare partners.  CURRENT PROMOTION...
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    Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    For personal browsing and shopping, a VPN is unnecessary. Thus, I do not connect to a VPN. However, when downloading content, I may use a VPN. VPN use is limited for me, and I only find real purpose for accessing sites in certain countries.  I tend to avoid VPN services offered to the general...
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    I'm after a vps supplier that accepts bitcoin, suggestions please?

    XHOSTFIRE can take Bitcoin for purchasing virtual severs. We can offer Windows virtual machines in Siberia, Russia as well as Sweden (some plans only).
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    European based Hosting or American based Hosting ?

    Location depends on these main factors: - Content / sensitivity - Latency and performance - Hosting features - Price - Where your target audience is. Personally, I would prefer European based hosting. Maybe I just had enough of American hosting, as its too widely available. 
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    How to check OS install: Manual vs Template

    Hello, If it is from a standard Linux SolusVM template, it would be configured as a sda or xvda device, instead of a volume group. When installed from a ISO, the default option would be a volume group and you should be able to recognise it. This method is not reliable as they could of chosen...
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    Payza was initially AlertPay. My experience was so-so and I have not used them a very long time now. Occasionally, they do 'freeze' funds for no apparent reason and withdrawl options are limited. For personal transactions, they may be fine but I would recommend for a merchant.
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    32 or 64bit system? Which one to use?

    Simple first choice - 64bit architecture on any Linux OS. However, if you have a small virtual server (less than 768MB RAM) then I would select 32bit. You may actually save some MB's of RAM this way. If you do exceed the 3GB usable RAM limit in a 32bit OS, you can install a PAE kernel which...
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    Live chat software

    I recommend Jivo Livechat for a free solution! On their free edition, multiple agents are allowed and not just limited to one. Otherwise, zopim is a popular livechat system for use.
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    What module to use with WHMCS?

    Just using the standard module provided by SolusVM should be enough for provisioning virtual machines. Since you plan to provide both Windows and Linux machines, you should setup a KVM or XEN-HVM hypervisor. To automate the process of creating Windows virtual machines, you can simply make your...
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    Spotify Account Creator

    Are there any benefits of using this account creator script other than for an easier process to register an Spotify account? I do not see the point unless you have something planned for multiple Spotify accounts.
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    Allowing a VPS/Dedicated server to receive SMS text messages ?

    You would need an API to do this and the API should be provided by your SMS gateway or service provider.  To carry out your desired functions, then of course you might need a simple PHP script or an application that would handle it. As others recommended, Twilio is a good option.
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    I've had no issues when dealing with False positives can occur in terms of .exes and HTML scripts but usually they are quite accurate. I think you should ignore the google search results as it is not necessary true.
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    The Anti-Virus debate

    I agree with the OP. Kaspersky is my first choice, due to its advance engine and detection rates. I used to use Spyware Doctor / Norton but the detection rates were rather poor and consumed a lot of system resources for real-time protection. Kaspersky can be light and heavy at times but overall...
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    Your Favorite Sports?

    Football (soccer). I have always been a fan of FIFA and local football teams. I used to play in a club and was an excellent experience but I didn't intend to proceed into football as a career.