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    Incero Custom Dedicated Server Review

    //Product Info// Got this server during a promo ("Dollar upgrades") on November of last year. Purchased on 22 Nov 2013. Specs: Intel Xeon E5-2620 128GB RAM 480GB SSD 2TB HDD 29 Usable IPs 30TB on 1Gbit port Dedicated IPMI/KVM with Virtual Media Unmanaged $260.61/month Location...
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    [For Hire] L1/L2 American Overnight Support

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a part-time support position.  My timezone is GMT+8/UTC+8. Currently I am 12 hours ahead of EDT, and 13 hours ahead of CDT. (13 hours and 14 hours ahead respectively, without Daylight Savings) I am looking for someone who would be able to hire me on a part time...
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    Getting rid of these cool domains FOR CHEAP!

    I have a few domains that I have no use for, so I want to get rid of them. These are all sold on a first come first serve basis, therefore this is not an auction.
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    Anyone interested in

    If this domain has some value to it I'd be glad to sell it off or have an auction, if you'd like to use it for your brand/service. (It is registered via Namecheap) I'm open to offers.
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    [Auction] MyLittlePony[.]me, USVPS[.]us

    //Domains mylittlepony dot me [Expires: 29th June 2014] usvps dot us  [Expires: 1st August 2014] All three of them are registered on Namecheap. $7 starting price for all, minimum $1 increment. Auction ends on 1st November 2013.
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    Issues with VPSBoard and Avast

    I know this has been brought up a few months back, but I'd just like to touch base on this again. Basically, Avast detects a certain JS script/file of VPSBoard as a "Trojan Horse", and it gets really annoying.  If I recall correctly, it has something to do with CNServers' DDoS-filtering (which...
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    [Auction] Brandable hosting and misc related domains!

    I've got a number of domains I'd like to throw in. Most of them are brandable/hosting related, and some of them even have some good value. Minimum increment of $1.  Auction ends September 13th 8PM GMT+8 if at least one domain is bid for in this auction. All domains start at $5. Minimum...
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    Android Folks

    I'm about to get a new Android phone soon, probably the Note 2 or the S3, which will be my first Android device ever.  I've been researching, following, and basically just checking out all the cool stuff Android and rooting has to offer, and I will definitely be rooting my device once I get my...
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    Samsung Chromebook

    Does anyone own this? What are your thoughts on it? I feel like getting this laptop for basic/normal usage, considering it is a much cheaper alternative to a Macbook Air (in terms of size and portability).
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    Junk/Chat Thread

    Close/delete this thread if not needed. I just feel like creating a thread where we can post whatever we want (whatever's going in your life, randomness etc). Let's see.. first thing that comes into my mind.. Any of you guys have a girlfriend/partner? What are you looking forward to in your...
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    SouthBendVPS - 35% Recurring, $3.25/month 512MB, 75GB Disk

    Hey everyone. :) We're glad to announce that we currently have a new promo -- 35% off recurring!  Simply use the promo code vpsbsummer before you checkout. Affiliate System We now offer a 10% commission affiliate system available to each customer.  The max payout amount has been set to $25...
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    Web Devs - How do you host your clients?

    Hey, So I'm just wondering.. how do you web devs host your clients? Do you host all of them on a personal server, or buy an individual VPS for each client?
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    [AUCTION] Virtualizer[dot]pw

    Hey everyone, I thought I could have use for this domain, but my situations have been changed and I won't really have much use for this domain right now, it's kind of a cool domain that I thought of, so hopefully someone would want it. I don't really have any set end time for this auction...
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    Looking to rent low end dedi

    Hey, I'm looking for someone who has a spare low spec dedi that I could pay to rent for 1 week or so. I'll be using it to test Virtualizor, etc so I'll be using it to host a VPS or two. I'll need at least 2 IPs. PM me and hopefully we could work something out.
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    [SouthBendServers] 256MB OpenVZ, 25GB RAID10, 500GB Transfer, IPv6 - $3.75/month

    About Us   South Bend Servers is a Sustainable Data Centers, LLC company. We are a registered LLC in the state of Indiana. South Bend Servers operates out of Colostore, in South Bend, Indiana. We have signed a 1 year agreement on a 1/4th rack and will be moving in shortly.     Our Hardware...