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    vpsBoard summer contest winner is...

    Congratulations man!  Looking forward to the next one :)
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    New vpsBoard summer contest! Win some cash.

    My chances of winning are smaller now... anyway good luck to everyone! i hope i win though
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    Incero Custom Dedicated Server Review

    Thanks, I try to be as specific as I can, hopefully my future reviews can be better. And yep, it is a very good deal indeed. Gotta give props to Incero for that.
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    New vpsBoard summer contest! Win some cash.

    Here is my review.  MannDude, can we PM in regards to proof of ownership?
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    Incero Custom Dedicated Server Review

    //Product Info// Got this server during a promo ("Dollar upgrades") on November of last year. Purchased on 22 Nov 2013. Specs: Intel Xeon E5-2620 128GB RAM 480GB SSD 2TB HDD 29 Usable IPs 30TB on 1Gbit port Dedicated IPMI/KVM with Virtual Media Unmanaged $260.61/month Location...
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    New vpsBoard summer contest! Win some cash.

    Any idea when this ends?
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    [For Hire] Part-time - Tickets / Live Chat - Sales, Billing, L1/L2 Support - Freelance Design - Flex

    Sure thing, I just wanted to make sure no one thought I was trying to be disrespectful or anything.
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    [For Hire] Part-time - Tickets / Live Chat - Sales, Billing, L1/L2 Support - Freelance Design - Flex

    Apologies to everyone, I didn't know this would cause a minor uproar.  For a second I didn't think that this was vpsBoard and not reddit where you can just easily get away with what you post with a single delete. Also the tiny desperation inside of me of trying to get a part time job has caused...
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    Earn Money & Help People!

    What type of admin tutorials? I wouldn't mind writing some basic Linux stuff (the essentials/standard stuff) Contact me with more information :)
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    New vpsBoard summer contest! Win some cash.

    How would I go about to providing proof of being with a provider, where the account details and stuff are under someone else's name and information? This is because I do not pay for the server but do everything related to it.
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    Anyone watch Silicon Valley?

    The first few episodes of the show were pretty slow, but once you get past 4 episodes, the show starts to get much better and enjoyable!  I really liked the show. Really sucks that the length of each episode was only 20+ mins and there are only 8 episodes for the first season. And if I am not...
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    TV series recommendations?

    I saw this thread in the "Recent Topics" side bar, and I clicked on it thinking "Breaking Bad". Too bad it is the only TV series I've ever watched so I can't think of anything else.
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    [For Hire] L1/L2 American Overnight Support

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a part-time support position.  My timezone is GMT+8/UTC+8. Currently I am 12 hours ahead of EDT, and 13 hours ahead of CDT. (13 hours and 14 hours ahead respectively, without Daylight Savings) I am looking for someone who would be able to hire me on a part time...
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    nsfw game: 2048 - Addictive be warned :)

    The first time I played this game, I played for 2 hours straight without noticing. THIS GAME IS DANGEROUS!
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    Why hosting?

    Warning: very in depth wall of text that may or may not cause you to lose precious minutes. TLDR below. Started off back then when I was a young kid who liked online/multiplayer games. I would join communities/forums, blogs, etc that were related to those games (like Runescape).  And then...
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    It's vpsBoard's birthday! Happy one year birthday!

    Woo! This is exciting. There are a lot of great members here whom are way more knowledgeable than I am so I won't keep my hopes high but I really would like to try out for the Raspberry Pi. Anyway, happy birthday to VPSB, I cannot believe that it has been a year! And it is really great of you...
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    VPSBoard New Logo

    Very simple and elegant. Love it.
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    Anyone heard from @zach recently

    SouthbendServers // SouthbendVPS. Zach has an LLC registered as Sustainable Datacenters, LLC.   His website is down, and yes the VPSs hosted are down too. A friend of mine who has a dedicated server with him had their rented dedi up for the past few days during the downtime, but it seems that...
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    Getting rid of these cool domains FOR CHEAP!

    Sorry, forgot to add in the post, yes I accept PayPal only.
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    Getting rid of these cool domains FOR CHEAP!

    I have a few domains that I have no use for, so I want to get rid of them. These are all sold on a first come first serve basis, therefore this is not an auction.