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  1. mehargags

    SSD-KVM East Coast 2Cores / 4GB /Yearly

    Hi Everyone, Looking for SSD-KVM EAST COAST (NY/FL pref.) 2Cores / 4GB / 60+GB SSD & 4Cores / 6GB / 60+GB SSD Budget $100-$150 Yearly I'd Pay yearly upfront but after testing the service for a quarter. Please mention yearly/half-yearly discounts. Monthly bandwidth will be way less...
  2. mehargags

    E3-1230 32GB Ram, 4 x 1 TB HDD, 100TB BW, 2 IPv4, KVM/IPMI - $60

    yeah I checked the Ping was Ok for me. and raised you a ticket to ask if I can install custom ISOs and Also Windows...  
  3. mehargags

    E3-1230 32GB Ram, 4 x 1 TB HDD, 100TB BW, 2 IPv4, KVM/IPMI - $60

    Can you please give DC location and Test IPs please ? I need to setup a server for an Indian client, want least latency for them!
  4. mehargags

    web/gui/cli tools to Analyze Exim stats

    Hi all, Can you point me to some good cli/gui tools to read Eximstats? I undersand Exigrep is what I should be using, but could not find a way I can have daily SENT mails and  Monthly Sent Reports, deferred and in queue stats from it. Any good guides to get started ? Also, how can I setup Exim...
  5. mehargags

    Phone verification?

    from some recent research I touched base with "informatica" who claim to be No.1 in the World for ID verification services. They say they feed the Fraud record agencies world wide. May be pricey -- but worth a look They have email/phone/address verification
  6. mehargags

    Set up high Perf SMTP to send @ 5 mails/sec speed

    Yes I'm considering PHPlist on the top of my list! Can you also recommend good hosting provider who will allow mass mailing ? ofcourse in a completely responsible and controlled enviroment where any SPAM complaints will be dealt with very quickly.
  7. mehargags

    Set up high Perf SMTP to send @ 5 mails/sec speed

    I'm working on a project for a salesforce app for a 15 years old portal with a massive user base of around 3 Million subscribers and growing. The App sends our around 10,000 to 30,000 Transactional Mails like daily Birthday mailers, personal evaluations, predictions and other notification & the...
  8. mehargags

    Running a lightweight GUI on your vps

    So now at present in 2015 -- which version of NoMachine you still prefer ? 3.5 or 4.x ? which one works better than tightVNC ?
  9. mehargags

    Running your own vestacp instance

    Hi, I have a Server running 2 web domains, I'm facing Mail delivery issues with them, typically php generated mails are either not generating sometimes, and sometimes they are landing in spam on Gmail/Hotmail. Both hosted domains are using Google Apps for incoming mails and this server just...
  10. mehargags


    Hi All, Need the following Specs: 3/4 Cores, 4 - 6 GB RAM 40 - 60GB storage, HW RAID 10 or 50, SAS preferred but SSD OK, but no SSD cached disks 3 IPs (+IPv6 range preferred but not a must) (Preferred)1 IP DDOS protected 2TB Traffic sufficient, good cross USA and cross Atlantic...