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  1. syncrohost

    Test our XEN ninja range for FREE

    5520s still rocking in production along with E3 and E5.  Nothing wrong with them at all.
  2. syncrohost

    Control Panels

    You should start off with CPanel first and then slowly introduce other platforms.  Try to get comfortable with one and then move to the next.
  3. syncrohost

    FASTER Connectivity to Japan from US West Coast Coming Soonish

    Very interesting.  I guess we'll have to wait till 2016 to see how everything pans out.  
  4. syncrohost

    ISPConfig 3 AutoInstaller for Latest Debian/Ubuntu

    Great work.  I'll have to test it out.  Thanks for sharing.  Do you by chance have one for CentOS?  If not, I'll created one and share it.
  5. syncrohost

    How to apply as a volunteer for a provider?

    I'd suggest getting a server and start going through the manual and guides.  The software you mentioned above are free or have a trial version.  Try to build some ground knowledge first before touching anything in production.  Most datacenters would want/need someone who is somewhat familiar.   ...
  6. syncrohost

    Need Help with DNS provides free zone forwarding up to 50.  You should give them a try. 
  7. syncrohost

    BurstNet getting back into the game with SmartHost?

    I smell something fishy but if the statement above is true, more power to you.
  8. syncrohost

    [Topic Split] Budget Services

    Email Server and cheap just dont go together plust IPv4 arent free......  Hopefully it's not used for spamming.
  9. syncrohost

    Wordpress Login Attackers

    Send me message.  We have a long list of IPs that we've blocked over the course of time from attackers.
  10. syncrohost

    Spamhaus. A good or bad force in the industry?

    They are fine as long as they can be reached via phone or email.  Unfortunately it's near impossible to get a hold of someone when emails are being blocked and It's nothing but headaches when Spamhaus registers IP as blacklisted. 
  11. syncrohost

    CentOS 7

    We've been playing and testing the new release.  Looks to be pretty good so far.  We'll have to see what else has changed from 6.5 to 7.
  12. syncrohost

    DigitalOcean Planning UK Location

    I'm sure they are working the IPv6 in the backend since IPv4 will likely be out soon.
  13. syncrohost

    cPanel Supports LiteSpeed Web Server

    Thanks for the link Ismichael. 
  14. syncrohost circling the drain?

    Crazy.  VolumeDrive took off to create their own datacenter and now Burstnet is down the drain.  I wonder if VolumeDrive every got the rest of their servers.
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    Holy smokes.  Thats very unorganized in my book.
  16. syncrohost

    How did you come up with your company name?

    Its tough coming up with names.  I try to get a couple and then check to see if the domain name is available.  At the same time I try to find something thats catchy yet falls within 2-3 sylable so that it's easy to remember.