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    Hostress, LLC has acquired GreenValueHost v2 Clients and domain.

    Maybe it's just me, and slightly ot, but the new cc "filtering" resembles a paywall to me. Want to spam, we'll limit your connection. Want to spam and pay, we'll open that pipe full throttle. For years cc has knowingly catered to spammers moving them from block to block whenever the lists...
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    Jonny Nguyen - GreenValueHost - Raided by Police.

    And Duke planned to allow him to sell vps again just a few weeks ago "to help repay his debts". Double talk abounds in the gvh/xfuse/tacvps saga.
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    BlueVM sold / change of ownership? (UPDATE 5/14: Now owned by ChicagoVPS)

    Because he did such a good job turning around 123systems. Didn't take long for Jon to yank it over to cc (yes, I know there's really no difference here) to try and salvage what was left after yet another failed Fabozzi turnaround.
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    PayPal USA Policy Changes Announced 4/30: Intangible Items Covered Starting 7/1

    Nice, a certain "winning" individual is angry today. He lives on denying refunds saying paypal won't cover intangible items. Several shell and lowend companies are going to be hurting with this change. Good.
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    Thanks Amazon for my new USB.....nipple rings....

    So I had to find an older usb reader to plug into an older bluray player that can apparently only read 1.1. Found one on amazon for $9, sold by but fulfilled by amazon. Came in the other day in cheap envelope, was in a hurry so just tossed it by the bluray without looking at it. Finally get...
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    So, let's clear the air...

    You mean Jonny boy putting his customer site/database on a shared server at trentahost: Then opening a "fraud" (title was changed later) thread claiming their offer thread was a lie for them not providing what they promised. You know...
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    Nexim Web Hosting Email Spam - GVH Client Database

    I'm actually surprised we have not heard any more from Arcus since then. I still don't buy the exit happened as he claims, there were too many oddities with the story and people involved.
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    [Confirmed] GreenValueHost being sold to XFuseSolutions Duke, still want to be involved in this circus? If the posts following that are true, there are past gvh employees with copies of the whmcs database out there beyond Jonny. I know you want to try to turn this ship around, but...
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    Centarra Migrates Data Centers Some Customers Not Notified

    So you knew well in advance but decided to exclude certain customers from notification, then called the move "emergency maintenance" when it was a scheduled move (and chose to not update your status page accordingly). Got it. Honesty goes a long way in this industry. I've never understood why...
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    Centarra Migrates Data Centers Some Customers Not Notified

    Yep...sounds like a payment runner to me
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    [Confirmed] GreenValueHost being sold to XFuseSolutions

    And Jonny plays everyone as the fool once again. If everything is in "audit" mode why is Jonny trying to sell his ass off at the stupid prices still? He just posted new offers last night, and the "disclaimer" added to those posts is nothing like what has been claimed would be happening in this...
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    FraudRecord Public Dumps User / Customer Info

    The difference here though is that he states it as a requirement for using the service, but does not enforce or verify it. The hammer analogy isn't at all the same thing. You don't have to agree you won't use a hammer on a person when you buy it or agree to use it. But agree, we are talking...
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    FraudRecord Public Dumps User / Customer Info

    Monetizing the service would address the lack of resources by allowing him to hire staff, create automation, etc. If you are going to blame a problem of non disclosure on the providers using the service, you need to find a way to address that problem. Or we can just continue to ignore it and...
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    FraudRecord Public Dumps User / Customer Info

    Harzem, how about requiring providers to add the fraud record clause to their TOS and verify it has been added before allowing them to use the service? This could go hand in hand with verifying providers to help keep the trash providers (cough, GVH) out of using the service for revenge or...
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    FraudRecord Public Dumps User / Customer Info

    Until a company like GVH dumps their copies of these into an open directory available to all (which GVH did and has still not reported to the necessary agencies nor directly contacted the people they just caused identity theft risk to). Of course they also use fraud record to get revenge...
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    GreenValueHost, turning a new page!

    Probably trying to grease his way back on let. Wht is his last selling point (well I guess hf now as well via his "spoofing ok" affiliates). He has promised this how many times now? Fool me once, twice,, maybe 4/5/6?
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    ColoCrossing's Buffalo, NY network is slowing down? Too many Spammers?

    I like the reply I got from MSPNick when I suggested Biloh clean up his network vs forcing people to jump through hoops to get clean ip's: "Some users don't mind having dirty IP's" (can't direct quote thanks to let being down yet again). I'd think this comes more from people not realizing...
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    Satellite Internet, anyone using?

    I have looked at it for a backup to my cable internet. Att did not used to offer dsl here (although they claim to now, I am so far out I doubt it's usability). Cell coverage is crap with VZ 3g running about 34k. Sprint recently upgraded some nearby towers but signal is erratic, lte...
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    Things to consider when choosing Colocation?

    Missouri won't charge ppt on Colo'd server's (not yet at least). MO is self reported for ppt billing.
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    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    SecureDragon - 2 points Ramnode - 2 points