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    Justification for IPv6?

    We don't use SolusVM anymore, a few legacy plans are still on SolusVM which are planned to migrate next week, then we will be 100% solusvm free :) Alexander
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    Justification for IPv6?

    Our new control panel has just been delivered, there is a few bus/issues with it. I'll make sure the IPV6 Justification is removed.. Thanks, Alexander 
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    WHMCS IP Blacklist Monitor

    I think what @Steven F is saying an IP monitor that monitors your VPS IP in blacklists, which is a very smart idea. 
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    Whats Your Monthly Mobile Data Use

    Average about 5GB, used to be 100GB+ with tethering, but got wifi at work/home etc
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    Your highest uptime servers

    Not exactly a server but: Alexander-iMac:~ Alexander$ uptime 11:40 up 74 days, 2 users, load averages: 2.23 1.82 1.70 Alexander-iMac:~ Alexander$ 
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    Juniper EX3200 Ethernet switch (24 Port)

    Location: Atlanta, GA Model: EX3200, 24 port. Condition: Just un-racked, fully functional. Selling due to upgrading to a 48 port model. Price: $650 Cheers, Alexander
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    ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    Weird, took only 6 days for my new request + approval.
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    Backup Network anyone?

    I have two phone / broadband lines with two providers, I also then have my unli 4GB tethering, then if shit really shits the fan, I have an emergency Nokia on another network with £30 credit and a full charge :)
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    VMBox.Co | 3GB $6.5/Month or $48/Year LA/PHX/NL --- 5 FREE IPv4 on Annual (LA) --- Free WildCard SSL

    "Move along kid" You are definitely British, I love it. Kudos. 
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    [MXroute] 10%-20% off E-mail Hosting for Your Domain

    I mean:
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    [MXroute] 10%-20% off E-mail Hosting for Your Domain

    Nice! Do you offer shared/public mail boxes? 
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    Alcohol of Choice

    Because i'm Scottish ?
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    Domain for sale

    I'm withdrawing my bid as i got another domain better for my need. So the current highest bidder is ocitysolutions:
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    OpenVPN - Internal traffic only

    I'd recommend:
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    Domain for sale

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    Do you have health insurance?

    UK Free NHS health care, also with my day job I get free private health care as well with 'Bupa'.  
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    $1.79/Year VPS - 32MB - 1.5GB HDD

    Ah :P most shops and pubs will see you if you look decent and don't take the piss. I`m in america this now and feel sorry for folk, my cousin (who's 35) got ID'd lol.
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    $1.79/Year VPS - 32MB - 1.5GB HDD

    In Glasgow / Hamiltion and sourounding areas in pubs about 70% will sell you. In shops i`d say about 80-90%. Or is it maybe because I look like 20 lol?