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  1. Lee

    Do something with VPSBoard!

    Sake! Someone put some effort into the site mods/admins, great resource going to waste and being overrun with spam offers.
  2. Lee

    New Hetzner Cloud, pretty awesome

    The new Hetzner cloud is here. Today, Hetzner Online officially released five different cloud packages to the worldwide market. All five of the Hetzner Cloud models come equipped with NVMe SSDs and Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs, so you'll profit from Hetzner Cloud's...
  3. Lee

    60% off Vultr Bare Metal Instance

    Vultr launched Bare Metal instances a while back, the pricing was steep at $300 per month but still ok if you needed something to fire up short term for a task. They have reduced the price to $120/monthly or $0.179/h. The spec for that price to run it every month is really not that bad...
  4. Lee

    Droplet upgrades and new configurations at Digital Ocean

    Just in case you have not seen it yet, DO has some new configurations on their droplets, pricing remains the same on the current line up but with more resources. The new $15 flexible droplets are pretty nice but so are the dedicated CPU ones.
  5. Lee

    Digital Ocean Cloud Firewall

    Nice feature. We’re excited to announce the release of Cloud Firewalls. Cloud Firewalls help secure your Droplets and are free to enable. You can define which ports are visible on your Droplets and control which resources can access them. All without having to install and configure more...
  6. Lee


    The file manager updated on macOS at last!
  7. Lee

    Manchester Attack

    So many children, just a sickening targetted attack... No words..
  8. Lee

    What's your language?

    So I will say it now, front end, I can't do much with, thank you @MDO for Bootstrap! What is your current preferred coding language and why? Where do you think the future lies? My comfort zone has always been PHP in association with MySQL. Prior to that I worked on Cobol and Pascal, in fact...
  9. Lee

    Where is the consumer hosting market going next?

    10-15 years ago it was all the rage to have a personal website, no really, everyone who was anyone including your Gran had a website, it maybe only had a guestbook (remember them) but it was a customer nonetheless. In 2017 shared/reseller hosting is not so much a thing, comparatively. There is...
  10. Lee


    For you Mac users out there. Been using this for a month or so now, really neat app to get a new VPS setup with all the basic tools you need and then manage/monitor much of it without the need to log in to the VPS itself. About a year old, yes it has some issues but overall...
  11. Lee

    Updates to the Apple Mac line

    So, I am looking to buy a new Mac, but waiting to see the new line-up this year. What I really want is a far better Mac Mini device that I can use with two monitors. Whilst I do love the retina 5k screens I want more than one which is why the Mac or the Pro is better. Hopeful but cautious...
  12. Lee

    Vultr $2.50 instances

    Wasn't sure where to put this, just a heads up for anyone looking for one of Vultr's $2.50 instances. I was in there just now doing some backups and noticed they have instances available in New Jersey. Maybe other locations, I didn't check.
  13. Lee

    So who is your go to production provider?

    I am talking personal needs here, you have something important who do you choose? I have moved about a lot, not through bad choices per se, just because a provider appeals more than the existing. Looking back I would say the only provider that has been a consistent part of my hosting needs is...
  14. Lee

    Static website generator

    I have been using Hugo for the past few months, well more getting acquainted with it, Go is not really my thing but it's nice. What I really want though is something like Hugo with a front end to create/edit my posts, store my images and just do all the basic tasks for me. Never been able to...
  15. Lee


    Well this was unexpected :)
  16. Lee

    My ioping is better than your DD

    So many posts, over such a long period of time and nobody can agree. Do you think it's possible to say, look run x to tell you whether you vps disk IO "may be an issue" and then run y to see if your network transit is good?  Whilst at the same time saying if x or y is < z you may want to query...
  17. Lee

    Any decent dedicated offers?

    I need a new dedicated for personal use, anyone seen a decent $100 or less offer about that they can recommend rather than just seen?  East Coast USA or EU. Intel CPU 8 cores/threads 16GB Ram at least 2 1TB drives  100mbit /28