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  1. bigcat

    [Dedi or VPS] 500GB Storage & 8TB Bandwidth (US)

    I'm currently paying Softlayer for 1 server in San Jose and another 1 in Singapore with below specs. I was hoping to at least be able to find better priced alternative in US. Usage: Legit software distribution and downloadable content Softlayer (current) HDD: 500GB Bandwidth: 20TB CPU...
  2. bigcat

    SSH Chat

    I stumbled upon this on Hacker News. Just sharing it here cause its interesting What is ssh-chat? Custom SSH server written in Go. Instead of a shell, you get a chat prompt. Simplest chat platform I've used so far. Try To connect, ssh <username> Source on GitHub. Docker...
  3. bigcat

    [For Hire] Asia L3 Server Admin & Technical Support

    I'm quitting my day job this March to go to trade school. I would like to have some income to pay for rent and ramen. This is where you came in. I can do system administration, technical support, sales(livechat) and technical writing. My timezone: GMT+8 London: GMT New York: GMT-5 Los...
  4. bigcat

    Your OpenVPN server might be at risk

    In late November 2014 Dragana Damjanovic notified OpenVPN developers of a critical denial of service security vulnerability (CVE-2014-8104). The vulnerability allows a tls-authenticated client to crash the server by sending a too-short control channel packet to the server. In other words this...
  5. bigcat

    Delisting IP from Hotmail spam database?

    Does anyone have successful experience delisting IP from Hotmail/Outlook due to spam? My IP range was blocked few weeks ago and so far Hotmail support wasn't very helpful. I use this form and got some unhelpful reply few days after. Anyone know better contact method for this issue? This is for...
  6. bigcat

    Share your server specs

    Following this thread with interest, now I'm curious about custom build server that you colocate. So lets bring your mightiest server to the battle and state the technical specs. B) Example Picture is a huge plus Ready made dedicated server user, please stay away :D