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    Sale of Hosting Clients

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my hosting clients that I've accrued over the last 12 months.  I've started a new 9-5 and I'm unable to continue my hosting venture. Annual revenue works out to $5,200, monthly running in at $424.  Included in the sale would be an owned WHMCS license. Looking...
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    Buying - Owned Unbranded WHMCS

    Looking to buy an owned unbranded WHMCS license. Name your price!
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    Strange Forwarding Issue (Gmail)

    I recently purchased a new domain and have setup email for it and configured a catch-all.  Ever since doing that, I've been bombarded with emails being forwarded from a Gmail account.  I'm guessing the old owner of the domain had this setup or it's malicious, I don't know. Is there any way I...
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    MX Hosts - Which IP

    Hey all, Can I have 2 MX hosts with just one IP or could I do 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6?  I have a kimsufi server and want to host my own emails. Thanks, Mike
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    Question about cPanel DNS Only Cluster

    How would I setup the DNS cluster correctly with the different modes? We have cns1, cns2 and a main server.  What should I set the two NameServers as on the main server?  Alternatively, what should I set the main server to on each of the NameServers? ######## Synchronize Changes: All changes...
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    Configure SolusVM/KVM Correctly

    Hey guys, I'm having a real hard time getting a SolusVM environment using KVM, setup to use IPv6 correctly. The IP blocks have been added to SolusVM but the guest VM's are unable to ping out or have any kind of IPv6 connectivity although they are configured correctly. I believe the host...
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    NodeDeploy - [UK] KVM and OpenVZ Specials!

    NodeDeploy* has been in business since early 2012 and is now part of the Xavvo Ltd family. Xavvo has been trading as a publicly registered business since the summer of 2011. NodeDeploy are mostly known for KVM based VPS offers and this is no exception! These offers are provisioned on new E5...
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    Hardware for Sale

    Hey Guys, I have these servers for sale which need to be gone ASAP.  I will ship anywhere in the world but the buyer will assume all shipping costs; I have boxes and bubble wrap.  All servers have been given a rough price but I will accept best offers.  Please no time-wasters or unrealistic...
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    Partnership Offer/Request

    Hello all, I've been working in the industry now for about 9 years or more (old age/3 young girls... yeah)... I've recently become the owner of 15 servers and 2 switches and I'm looking to start a business whether it be dedicated servers or a mix of everything.  I don't have anything in the...
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    Excel Conundrum...

    Hey all, I'm trying to work something out in excel, I don't even know if it is possible but if it were, It would definitely save a headache... Basically it works like this... Cell A1 12.23 Cell B1 A1 + 21% + 3% + 3.9% + 0.30 + 1.00 = 17.136696711 If that makes sense? Basically the way I...
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    Which location would you choose?

    Hey all, I'm looking to setup a server somewhere and I'm looking for the communities view. Basically I won't be using a CDN but I want my website to be accessed quickly by everyone in the world.  With that in mind, which server location would you choose and why?  With location I mean like...
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    KVM VPS - East US

    I'm looking for a KVM VPS based on the east coast.  Must have at least 1GB of memory, space & bandwidth isn't a major problem.  DDoS IP would be beneficial. Also need WHMCS license. Looking at around $10/m for the VPS.
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    Community Script/Platform

    I'm trying to set something up much like what DigitalOcean has for their Community area where people can post KB articles, questions and answers and generally a full public type website with points/awards etc. If anyone can provide some info or insight in how to accomplish this, I'd highly...
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    Hosting/VPS Design For Sale

    Hey Guys, I have a hosting design which is also based on offering VPS servers.  I bought it a while back and never actually used it.  It's fully custom coded and unique, won't be found anywhere else.  Was designed and coded by AkDesigner. I have several files and the PSD's available. Looking...
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    Any Gamers?

    Hey all, I'm starting a new forum where gamers can collaborate, find reliable mod downloads and chat to their hearts content. It's brand new and only one member, Mike! I'm looking for any other gamers around that would like to take part, mods, possible admins etc. Any game genre! If anyone...
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    Bitcoin VPS/Dedi

    I'm looking for a VPS or Dedicated server I can use for bitcoin mining.
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    Server Up for Offers!

    I have the following server available for monthly rental, unfortunately the previous customer just left without mentioning anything.  Spoke on Skype a few days before the due date which is confusing but hey, that's life I guess... Dual Xeon L5420 16GB Memory 2x 1TB Drives 10TB Bandwidth 8...
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    SSL Speed Up?

    Here's a question which might spark a nice discussion. How do you implement changes to speed up SSL negotiations?  We've just installed an SSL onto our website and it seems to have slowed it down a bit - It was much quicker before adding it. So what do you do to speed up that SSL bottleneck?
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    External Email

    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm looking for a service where I can host email externally rather than locally on my server. What do you use?  Looking for incoming and outgoing, mainly used with WHMCS. Thanks!
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    Looking for a VPS node

    Hey, I'm looking for a budget server that would handle 8-10 OpenVz VPS. Can anyone provide some suggestions? Budget is $100-$150 per month. Thanks.