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    GreenValueHost Launches a New Scheme to Scam People Is there any limit to this guy's shamelessness?
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    LowEndTalk owners & admins promote racism

    This is not the first time I have seen this but I have flagged several racist comments in the past as well. Those comments are not only highly controversial but depict hatred against different races, nationalities & religions. Usually the LET administration takes no action but when too many...
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    Reliable Domain Registrar

    Please suggest a domain registrar which is reliable & secure with easy to use portal for management of domains? It does not matter whether it is cheap or expensive but must have decent support & focus on security. I am asking this question here because there are quite a few much more...
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    Moniker's claim, fact or just a marketing trick? On the page above they claim "Moniker is serious about security. In fact, in our history, we’ve never “lost” a domain. Not one." Personally I think that is a huge claim because people have been victim of domain thefts with almost most of the big...
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    Usernames used by people here

    Hey!         I was just wondering why owners or representatives of different hosting companies use their real names instead of their company names on hosting forums? For example @MartinD from could use minivps or minvpsuk as his username, @Francisco could use buyvm & @Nick_A could...
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    Effective measures to prevent domain hijacking?

    Recently one of the guys that I know lost his domain by becoming a victim of domain hijacking. They hacked his gmail  account & got access to his domain registrar control panel & transferred it from there while he was on a vacation. What effective measures can be taken by a domain owner to...
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    Looking for a business partner(No investment required)

    Hi, I am looking for a business partner:   1. Must have atleast 2 years of experience with  KVM and/or OpenVZ, WHMCS, cPanel & basic linux administration skills. Should also be honest, friendly & cooperative.   2. Should have basic knowledge & understanding of html, php, web design etc  ...