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    KVM Offers - 50% Off All VPS servers

    HTTP Zoom (HTTP Zoom - Enterprise Hardware, Skilled Staff, Budget Prices) Budget VPSs.     KVM Offers - 50% Off All VPS servers. Here are a few checkout our site for more.   ** BOVM - 512MB ** PromoCode: AY50OFF Price $30.25 / Year (Usually $46.20 a Year) CPU - 2 vCores Dedicated Ram -...
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    HTTPZoom VPS @ $10/yr | 50% recurring Discount | OpenVZ and KVM | Arizona or Dallas

    HTTP Zoom HTTP Zoom - Enterprise Hardware, Skilled Staff, Budget Prices. We have been in the business for over 3 years providing VPSs on a budget.   This weeks off is for VPSs in our Arizona or Dallas Location. All hosted on HP hardware installed with Dual Xeon L5320 and Dual E5540 CPUs with...
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    Monitoring multiple servers?

    Zabbix? but you will probably need someone to host it :-)
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    Cloud DEMO (New Panel) ~ DTraffic

    looks interesting. So is this effectively a cloud layer for solusVM or Promox or is this all custom code?
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    Do you order DDoS protection?

    unless you are in a business that needs it It would be cheaper to get your server secured, use cloudflare or/and implement some software based DDos protection.
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    HTTPZoom VPS Offer 40% Recurring Discount

    Our Nodes are hosted with PeakServer in their Dallas Datacentre.
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    HTTPZoom VPS Offer 40% Recurring Discount

    HTTP Zoom (HTTP Zoom - Enterprise Hardware, Skilled Staff, Budget Prices) Special in Budget VPSs. We work efficiently to minimise cost and hence pass on the saves to you. These are strictly unmanaged VPS. We Have nodes in 3 locations. Madienhead UK,Arizona US and Texas US. All our KVM nodes are...
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    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    Thanks for that, there is no real reason I want it within the M25 outside the badwidth and being able to get to the DC in a reasonable time in case of a major problem. This has given me real food for thought thanks. I might have to consider Madienhead or Manchester to get a better price  :D
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    if you will consider Texas, USA. you can give you a good deal on our BKVM-512 For $4/month. meets your spec exactly.
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    Acceptable time to wait for ticket response?

    This sounds right to me. I think under $20 can be lower than 24 hours but should not expect it. Of course it depends on the type of suport.
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    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    Just a Quarter Rack  - 5-6Amp  - 1000Gbps switch port  - Budget is about £150 /month
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    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    Hello guys,  anyone know of any good detail for quarter rack colo. hosting in the UK preferably with the M25 (i.e. close to London) Thank
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    Future of Shared Web Hosting?

    I think comes to this. most people don't care how it works, they just want to know it works and since overselling shared hosting is easier (lets not forget cheaper) than over selling VPS, it still makes sense to have a shared host model. Docker is interesting and it application can also eat...
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    HTTP Zoom - Lifetime discount VPS Offers @$4.45

    HTTP Zoom - UK Continued Great Value Sales! Limited Time Offer   HTTP Zoom ( Is a brand Cloudxtiny and is geared towards Budget VPSs.   ** UK Offer **   ** UK Ultra Low Budget Servers **   ** BOVM - 512M  Price $4.45  CPU - Shared Dedicated Ram - 512MB vSwap - 512MB...
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    HTTP Zoom - Spring Special - 128MB VPS (£8/Half Year or £14/year) UK Based - Limited Release 20 VPS

    MannDude, This is Rapidswitch for the UK and PhoenixNAP in the USA.
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    HTTP Zoom - Spring Special - 128MB VPS (£8/Half Year or £14/year) UK Based - Limited Release 20 VPS

    HTTP Zoom ( is a brand launched by HTTP Group ( geared towards the lowend market.   **BOVM - 128B** Price £8 / Half Year  Price £14 / Year  Platform OpenVZ 128MB Dedicated Ram 256MB Burst Ram 5GB Diskspace 500GB Transfer CPU Fair Share 100mb Shared...
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    Unique Hosting Design (PSD)

    Reece, I really like this design, how much would it cost to substitute the packages for a slider and do some other tweaks? Thank you,
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    PetaByet V1

    Looks really good. Is this a script you'll be licensing out at any point in time?
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    iwStack but in US?

    I've seen someone mention AppLogic and the problem with this product is the licensing and hardware cost to run. The CEO of Innoscale (BirdHosting and Cloudweb) is a close personal friend and they've always done this type of Cloud, failover wise it works really well it just isn't "cheap".
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    WHMCS Support

    I've always been on the look out for a great billing product with a decent helpdesk and it just doesn't exist. Even very very expensive products like Ubersmith have a really poor helpdesk. Kayako have now resolved a lot of their issues and the 3rd party integration works pretty well, to make...